Monday, July 01, 2013

The 2013 Honda Civic EX Shopping Experience

I'm now the owner of a new car.

Not just a new car, a Honda Civic EX.

I have wanted a new car for a few months, and due to various reasons I kept putting it off. I liked my 2006, but it was time to have something new. *grin*

My younger brother, Scienceguy, and I did some research on the cars I was interested in. Okay, let's be honest, Scienceguy did some AMAZING research! I did some, but nothing close to him, and I felt pretty good going into today. He was also beside me during the entire process, so that was REALLY cool for me as I entered the negotiation phase. *grin* I'm ahead of myself though...

We got there, and found an EX-L in blue, but the only Civic EX in blue was being looked at by someone else. A sales lady came out and I asked for the guy that I had been swapping emails with, and he came out shortly after that.

After introductions were made, I explained that I was torn between the EX-L and EX. We were standing by the EX-L, so he offered to let me test drive that. After giving my driver's license to the salesman, he went in and got the key and come back out. I was torn on what I wanted, because I really liked both models. *grin*

We test drove the EX-L, and I liked it. Both Scienceguy and I drove it, and it was better than the pics on the internet showed. *grin*

We got back to the lot, and I sat in the car for a moment and asked if I could see the EX. The salesman said, "Sure." He got the keys and I looked inside the EX. It looks the same, with a few different features from the EX-L. *grin* I sat in the EX, and knew that was what I was supposed to buy. I paused for a few moments, and silently prayed about it. I knew it was the right one. *grin*

Once I made that decision, the salesman said I could bring that car up to the doors. He asked me if I was comfortable with that, and I said, "Yeah." No one rode with me, and I knew that it was the one for me! *grin* I also knew that the tough part was about to start.

The salesman wanted my key to my 2006 to start the process of figuring out what my trade-in would be. I was nervous about this, as I have never done a trade-in before. He asked me various questions, and I saw my trade-in value going down. (For example, I did have previous hail damage that had been fixed.) I was nervous, but knew that this was part of the process. *grin*

Then we went inside and he led us to his desk. He left us for a little while, and came back with water for us. He said he was going to go start the process for the trade-in. He was gone quite a while and we (Scienceguy and me) pondered what I should negotiate for. I reallllly wasn't looking forward to the negotiation part. At. All. *grin*

He came back and asked me what I wanted for my car. Now, keep in mind, he asked me. So, I told him 5,000. His non-verbal communication, as well as what he said, showed that 5,000 wasn't going to happen. That was fine, I didn't think I could get 5. It was just a starting point. *grin* (Thanks Scienceguy for all of your tips prior to the experience.)

The salesman left and went to talk to someone. I turned to Scienceguy once the salesman was out of ear-shot, and said, "I don't expect to get that." Scienceguy knew that, but it was good to talk to him while the salesman left. I saw someone get in my 2006 and drive it off. I sat there, and pondered it. I was hit by an unexpected emotion, sadness.

The 2006 and me had been through a lot together. A LOT. I didn't expect to be sad about leaving it, so that caught me off-guard. I told Scienceguy, and he said, "Well, this is just another way to start new." I agreed. I still felt a little sad though.

When the salesman came back, he had papers in front of him. He said they were willing to offer $3800 for my car. I was actually surprised it was that high. At the same time, I knew it was up to me to counter. I silently prayed. I didn't want to do the next step, but it was clear everyone was waiting on me. I said, "Will you give me 4?" I had heard "4" when I prayed. The salesman said he wasn't going to let $200 stand in our way, and we had a deal. I was just glad that part was over. *grin*

Then we did the usual paperwork stuff that goes along with buying a car. I felt like a mini-celebrity with how many times I signed my name. *grin*

Next, I did the financing part, and Scienceguy was my hero. *grin* Long story short, I got the extended warranty for about $60, and zero percent financing. *grin* HAPPY DAY!

After that part was done, we headed out to my new car.

I am not going to lie, I am in awe of the technology in the car. The salesman showed me various features, and I sat there thinking, "This has more than I need." Then again, that's the point of upgrading to a newer model car. *giggle*

We were parked next to my old car. I just looked over for a second at it. Scienceguy is right, it's a new chapter and the new car is what I had earned. *grin*

As we left the dealership, Scienceguy suggested that I call my parents using the bluetooth technology. We did. It seemed like a perfect end to a perfect day. *grin*

Tonight I spent quite a bit of time driving it around town. I have a roommate for the next month, so we were out getting caught up. I have to admit, I LOVE the car. I kept looking at it, and smiling. *grin*

I thanked Scienceguy for going with me several times, and texted him too. He'll never know how much I appreciated that. *grin*

I sit here tonight and feel blessed. Enormously blessed.

Not just because of the car, but because He has given me the life that has made a way for me to do things like today. Some people aren't blessed like I am, and I don't take it for granted one bit.

Thank You, God.


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