Friday, August 16, 2013


I have been sitting here at the computer for over an hour, debating about what to write. I LOVE to blog, but I realize the responsibility that goes along with it. So, I was going to write about my job, but I didn't have a funny story to share. So, I thought I'd share about a new song I LOVE.

I was on FB the other night, and Cory Asbury posted that there were two new songs on the STRONG GOD CD, out of New Life Church in Colorado. I will admit it, I IMMEDIATELY bought the CD. I've been longing for something new....

I live here in KC, and love our IHOP-KC music, but I was missing something new. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE the Prayer Room. It's still my favorite place on this planet. *grin* However, I've been missing NEW stuff.

I think that goes along with seeking the things of Him.

Or maybe it's just me...

NAH, I know I'm not the only one who grows closer to Him through music. *grin*

So, I did some searching tonight, and found some cool stuff on Cory Asbury and New Life Church in Colorado. *grin* It makes me smile to think of the worship leader that was once here is in such an amazing place there. I caught myself thinking, "Well, duh, what did you think he would go to in Colorado?" *grin*

So, the song, "All to Him" is on the Desperation Band CD as well, so I'm not sure where the actual credit lies, and I suppose it doesn't matter. I mean, He can use anything, anytime, anywhere. *grin*

So tonight as I drove home I played it continually. I'm still learning the words to the whole thing, but my favorite lyrics are:

Our Promise Is Jesus
Our Answer is Jesus
All to Him, All to Him we owe

Our Savior is Jesus
Our future is Jesus
All To Him, All to Him we owe

For every fear that closes in,
He is closer,
For every doubt that comes on strong,
He is strong

For every battle that we face,
He has conquered all,
More than we can ever know

I found myself in a few weird moments this week. Not bad, per se, just character-building. When I was talking to a friend about one of the situations, she said, "You need to remember the bigger picture."

She was right.

My Promise and answer are Jesus.

Nothing else matters.

Thank You, God.


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