Friday, August 30, 2013

Year #15, TONS OF FUN!

I realize I haven't posted lately, but that's kinda par for this time of year. I've been so busy and wiped out at the end of each school day that I have come home, graded papers (more than anything else) and read before crashing. I don't mind, as I am REALLY enjoying this year!

I have grades 4, 5, and 6 this year, and am REALLY enjoying the new challenges, as well as my returners. My job isn't necessarily easy, but it is full of laughter throughout my day, so it makes it fun.

I have several new kids that I have MAJOR plans to change their abilities in reading, writing, and math. In that process, I really am going to enjoy my time with EACH of them. *grin*

I find myself enjoying each group, and don't dread one group of the day. I don't recall dreading a group last year, but this year I LOOK FORWARD to each group! That's fun stuff!

September is full of a LOT of assessments and such, but it will be good too. I'm getting to know several of my students, and the assessments will show me even more about them.

All I can think to say is that I'm just REALLY enjoying this new school year.

Perhaps it's because I really did RELAX this summer.

Or perhaps it's because I have the older kids again. (God made me for the upper grades!)

Or perhaps it's because I like EACH of my students. (I did last year too, so don't read into that one!)

I am working hard, and in some ways harder than ever before, BUT I'M LOVING IT!

AWESOME, with the little people He has given me for this season!

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