Saturday, September 28, 2013


One night in August I was goofing around on my GROUPON app, and there was an offer for the Women of Faith Conference that was coming to KC. I didn't even hesitate, I knew I was supposed to go in that moment. It was $50 off the regular price, so I was pretty excited. I looked on the web for who was coming, and I was immediately excited.

Fast forward in time and the conference was yesterday and today. *grin*

I got there last night, and got in the wrong line for my ticket. *grin* After switching lines and waiting in the correct line for the ticket, I arrived a little late for the beginning of the conference. I entered the Sprint Center and asked where my seat was located. I must admit, this is the first conference I've ever attended that had assigned seats. *grin* I liked that. I'm not one that can run to the front to get the best seats. *giggle*

I had kind of prayed over my seat, but not really. I've attended MANY ONETHING Conferences and have learned that I can meet God no matter WHERE I'm sitting. God clearly wanted me there, as I had a GREAT seat. I was on the top row of the side section, on the end seat. *grin* I didn't have to go up and down the LONG stairs like others, or bother people to get in and out of the row. *grin* I saw women struggling at times to do the stairs, and He used me to encourage them. *grin* I think that was the whole reason I had that seat! *grin*

When I entered, Kari Jobe was leading worship! I LOVE HER worship! *grin* She led the majority of the conference, and I LOVED every moment of it.

This was my first Women of Faith conference, so some of the speakers I had never heard of before, (That's because I've lived in IHOP-KC land for so long!) but I was excited.

First up after Kari was Anita Renfroe. I laughed A LOT, and it was a lot of fun! She gave a great message...I guess that's what you'd call it *giggle*...and a PERFECT start to the whole thing.

Next up was LYSA TERKHURST. I have read a couple of her books, and I was excited to hear her speak. As it turned out, that message was the ENTIRE reason I was there. It was the best message I have heard since I moved here. It was something I told the Lord I wish I had heard BEFORE I moved here, but that was okay. He gave it to me when He wanted to, so it was AMAZING. *grin*

After that, Kari Jobe led us in a worship concert! It was AMAZING! The cool part about those conferences is that God shows up, and does things that I couldn't explain to you even if I tried. It's a Spirit thing, and I was blessed by the entire evening. *grin*

This morning it started at 9, but I was WIPED out from the week, I let myself sleep. I woke up at ten minutes until 9, and started getting ready to go. *grin* I am still tired tonight, but cannot imagine what I would feel like if I had gotten up and been there at 9. *grin*

I got there about 11:00, and LITERALLY they started a break. *giggle* I sat and read my book when I wasn't talking to people around me during the break. *grin*

After the break, Kari Jobe led worship again, which I loved. *grin*

Next up was a speaker I had never heard of, and would have to look up to tell you who it was, but I will say that I LOVED that message too! *grin* It was very timely for my life NOW. I've missed that.

I'll be honest, I think I'm so used to IHOP-KC messages (Which are good, don't get me wrong) that it was nice to hear new messages that pertain to my life today. NOW. I just grinned and thanked Him over and over again. It was AMAZINGLY COOL. *grin*

The next thing I knew (And was a TRUE highlight to the weekend), MercyMe took the stage. I have seen them before in concert, but it was YEARS ago. I was surprised how many of their songs I knew because I don't buy their CD's any more. They ended with, "I Can Only Imagine" which is STILL my favorite song they have written. It was AMAZING! *grin*

After a short break and stage change, we had our final event of the conference. They did a video presentation titled, THE BIBLE, showing a few of the parts of Jesus' life. In between scenes, someone would give a short talk, and then we would do a worship song. I LOVED IT. It was the PERFECT way to end the whole thing. *grin*

Women of Faith Conferences is returning to KC in 2014, and I think I want to go again. *grin*

Tonight I am tired, but glad I went. REALLY glad. If I had known how much fun I was going to have, I would have looked forward to it more than I did. After I paid for the ticket in August, I didn't think much of it until this week.

It was just what I needed, and I didn't know I needed it. *grin*

He's cool like that. *grin*


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