Saturday, October 05, 2013


I have so much running around in my head that I'm not sure where I'm going to land tonight, but I know I want to write tonight. I've been so busy lately that I haven't stopped to write, which is somewhat therapeutic for me. Honestly, I find that I blog more for me than for you. I've said it several times over the years, but I tend to regret seasons when I don't journal or blog. While I still journal, and those are private between me and the Lord, I do enjoy writing too. I didn't when I was young, but I enjoy it now. I find myself on a hunt to help my students enjoy writing too. While most of them enjoy it, they don't have the mechanics of it, so I'm working on it. *grin*

I've spent most of today doing things for school. I find myself spending a lot of time outside of school doing that, but this year I don't mind it. I REALLY enjoy my students this year. In fact, I really enjoy my job this year. This year is the best year I have had here, (so far) and it's hard for me to explain but when I wake up each day I'm REALLY excited to go to school and work with my little people. I have some fun little people this year. REALLY fun. *grin*

I'm also really enjoying the new TV line up. Monday through Friday I'm now hooked on shows that I can watch each night as I work on my homework. In fact, it makes working each evening fun. It's really good. My new favorites include Hostages & Blacklist. My returning favorite PARENTHOOD is also back! Ah, it's so good to have Fall upon us! *grin*

I was thinking today about how much things have changed since 2009. When I had roommates on Beech Road, I felt so alone. Now I have Jay, and I never feel alone. I'm great with hanging around the house relaxing with Jay and doing various chores and/or schoolwork. It's amazing how my perspective has changed over the years. I'm happier now than I ever thought possible. That amazes me, as I remember (When things were good on Beech Road.) thinking at one point that I never wanted to live "alone" again. It's amazing how time gives perspective. Deep perspective. *grin*

While I am not reading for fun as much as I would like, that's okay. Sometimes being an adult means doing what needs to be done first. *grin*

Now things are done for the night. Time to go read.


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