Friday, October 25, 2013

Camp Barnabas Barn-A-Break Fall 2013

I know, I know, I haven't written in quite a while. *grin* Life has been REALLY good, just INCREDIBLY busy! I wanted to take a moment and write about my weekend last week. We had parent-teacher conferences Wednesday and Thursday, and had the day off Friday. It was awesome that Barn-A-Break fell that Friday through Sunday Morning! *grin*

I arrived late, for the first time ever. I'll spare you the details later, but I was happy to arrive safe and sound! It was lightly raining and a little chilly, but it wasn't too bad. I checked in, and basically skipped training while I unloaded and got settled. (It's not like I haven't been there before. *giggle*) I was SO EXCITED when I finally joined my cabin!

As it turned out, I was with Brittany & Bethany for the weekend. Both girls I knew before that weekend, so I was excited to get to serve beside them for a weekend. *grin* It made me *grin*.

The thing about weekend versions of camp is that you don't get to know each other like you do throughout the week, and I didn't get to see the camper cards at all. I kinda laughed to myself as we headed for camper arrival! It was going to be an adventure, I knew that! *grin*

It was the first time I had ever done camper arrival in the rain! I have to admit, I liked it. I was cold and wet, but I LOVED it. We still jumped and sang for the campers, and had fun, even though we were shivering. I know, you had to be there but it was really fun.

I headed to the cabin after about 3 of our campers arrived. I was with the LITTLE girls! I LOVED it! The Lord gave us one floater CIA, which was EXACTLY what we needed. Therefore, our three runners were covered. *giggle* I enjoyed EACH of our girls. I had mixed feelings, as I wished I could have that exact cabin for a week, but then again we were so busy that I was ready to come home on Sunday. *grin*

Our CIA's were GREAT too. I would have LOVED a week with those girls. Several have ambitions for staff positions, and they would be REALLY good at it. I'll be honest, it makes me feel like a proud parent when one of my CIA's goes on to staff! *grin* I think several of those girls will be back. *giggle*

I came back on Sunday and was EXHAUSTED. I have pondered that, as I don't recall being THAT tired in a LONG time. But, it was a good tired. Very good tired. A "work hard" tired. *grin* It meant that the weekend was more than I even expected.

I came home and slept Sunday evening from about 6pm until the next morning. I was still tired Monday, but ya know, being used by Him to bless His kids, was AMAZING.

I'm hoping I can serve again during the Barn-A-Break in the Spring.

It was a weekend I'll never forget.


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