Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good Times

Once again, I have TONS in my head, but I'm excited to actually have time to write tonight. I have been SUPER busy preparing for conferences, and tonight I can relax a bit. I plan on going upstairs and reading here in a little while. *grin* The next two days are going to be LONG days!

I have found myself truly happy lately.

This year, I'm different. VERY different.

I'm laughing a lot.

Joking a lot.

Enjoying my students in new ways this year.

I even had a student write a note and tape it to my desk that said, "I don't like you."

That's SO not true. He did it just for the reaction.

He heard me say, "UUUMMMM, that's not nice!" Then I grinned.

I love my job.

Time to go read.


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