Saturday, October 26, 2013

Silver Dollar City with Ronni *grin*

A little while ago, Ronni's Mom, Robin, and I started talking about Ronni's birthday. I had mentioned that I'd love to be at her party this year. Somehow we went from a party to a Silver Dollar City trip. I don't remember how, but it doesn't matter now. Robin started researching cheap tickets (SDC is not a cheap thing to do!) and it turned out that you could get tickets for $30 for Thursdays ONLY. I pulled out the calendar and let her know what ONE Thursday would work. As it turned out, it worked for them too! *grin* I put in the request off for work, lined up a sub, and this past Thursday I met them at Silver Dollar City for the day. *grin*

I woke up Thursday and thought that this trip would be different from my usual ones, as I figured Ronni would not like roller coasters. Thankfully, I was WRONG. *grin* The girl LOVES roller coasters!

I entered the park, and she had left my ticket at Guest Relations. While waiting to be helped at the counter, her Dad walked in. I LOVED it! Next up, we met up with Robin and Ronni! Ronni ran up to me and hugged me! I love that girl!

We talked briefly and headed to ride some rides. We rode Thunderation first. Ronni wanted to ride front, FRONT car. I looked at her and thought, "She can talk to me into almost anything." *grin*

Through the course of the day, we rode Wildfire about 6 times, Outlaw Run three times, and Fire in the Hole, once. In between she rode some rides with her parents that I don't ride. The spinning, backward stuff isn't for me! I also find it amazing that I don't care for heights, but LOVE coasters! *grin*

Ronni is such a JOY to be around, and you can't help but laugh at the things she says and does. She pulled my hat down more than once and I just laughed. Her parents made her put it back up (and at times that was helpful) but I have to admit, it made me smile when she did it. *grin*

We rode the train at one point, and Ronni and I were the comic relief for the passengers due to her putting my hat down and I kept putting it back up. It was a lot of fun.

She called me cupcake quite a bit, which made me laugh. I also laughed a lot when she called me "old". Her Mom tried to get her to stop, but it was kinda our thing. *grin*

We had a lot of fun riding the coasters, as her parents just sat and watched. Sometimes they rode with us, and sometimes they didn't. It was fun doing both.

I also enjoyed getting to know her parents a little. I didn't talk to her Dad as much as her Mom. I REALLY like her Mom. She is precious, and is SO GOOD with Ronni. Well, so is her Dad. Ronni is clearly Daddy's girl too! The entire time at SDC was PRICELESS to me. *grin*

The day was amazing, and more fun than I ever thought possible.

I really do hope we can do it again. Maybe in the Spring. It was cool, but it wasn't bad. I'd vote for going Spring or Fall again. *grin*

I am a blessed gal. Over and over again, I am reminded how blessed I am that God put me at Barnabas. He given me so many AMAZING friends through camp.

Thank You, Lord.


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