Saturday, November 09, 2013

Deep Thoughts with Ms. Springer

I have been thinking tons, but writing very little lately. So I decided that I would begin my Saturday blogging. I typically start out doing schoolwork and think, "I'll blog later" and then the end of the day comes and I'm tired. The weirdest part is that I LOVE blogging. I obviously choose what I blog about very carefully but I do enjoy recording thoughts, feelings, etc., on here. For those of you new to my blogging world, this is really more for me than for you, but I do enjoy sharing what's up with those in my world. *grin*

I feel like I have so much in my head to share, yet I hardly know where to begin. I think that's better than having writer's block. *grin*

When I was kid, I used to watch Saturday Night Live. I have watched it in YEARS...probably 30 years. Yes, I'm that old. *giggle* Anyway, I do remember there was a segment called, "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy." Perhaps it was Jack Andy. I can't remember. Anyway, they were thoughts that were semi-deep. That's how my thoughts have been lately. Deep, but not real deep. *grin*

I was sharing with a friend how I've been pondering how blessed I have felt lately. I sit in my classroom and sometimes just sit and watch the little people He has given me for this season. Every single one of them means a lot to me. There isn't one this year that I think, "Lord, really?" Every single one blesses me in his or her own way. I like it.

That led to a new thought for me. I have thought for hours about how blessed I am to just be alive. No, not in a "I'm afraid to die" kind of way. It's kinda hard to explain, but I will try.

I have thought about how He could have given this body to another soul. He didn't, but he could have, so I spend my days with a new level of thankfulness. He also could have chosen me for any time in our history, but I'm alive now in a time of technology, cars, and a million other things I take for granted that third world countries don't even know about. I feel blessed.

He also could have placed me in one of those third world countries. He could have placed me in a place where Human Trafficking is the norm. He could have given me a family that loved me less and abused me. He could have had me marry someone who treated girls like dogs. He could have not given me Jay. He could have had me NOT graduate college and become a teacher. He could have had me be tube fed instead of being able to eat what I can. He could have never let me meet Laura and introduce me to the wonderful Barnabas family. He could have given me a low IQ, making me dependent on others for life. The list could go on and on. *grin*

Fortunately, He has blessed me over and over and over again. *grin*

He and I have talked a lot lately about everything I listed above. A LOT.

Talk about a shift in PERSPECTIVE. *grin*

It has made me love life more.

It has made me love the students He's given me more, and made me want to teach them ALL I can to make them independent, productive members of society.

It has made me appreciate my season of singleness lifestyle.

It has made me look twice and say "Thank You" more.

So, while there are probably three other posts running around in my brain, I think that's enough for now. Yeah, it's November and the season of Thankfulness right now. For me though, it's so much more.

Thank You, Lord.


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