Thursday, November 28, 2013

Break Time!!!

I am having the best school year I've had so far here in L.S., but I will also admit, I needed a break. August through November is a LONG time in the world of teaching, so having 3 days left to relax sounds WONDERFUL.

Yesterday I got to see TEXASTEACHER for a while. We see each other about once a year. I think I want to make a point to go see her in her new home. It was fun to chat & laugh yesterday. It was GREAT.

I had a wonderful time today at Scienceguy's house. Papa-son and I performed surgery on a hoodie for one of my students. Truthfully, I thought it was really fun. I didn't do a lot in the actual sewing process, but it was cool to do what I could. I know the student will appreciate it. *grin*

Scienceguy gave me a book to read, and an early Christmas gift. He gave me a Finding Nemo Christmas Tree ornament! *grin* I think I"ll decorate for Christmas tomorrow.

It's weird, this year feels different. I doubt I can put it into words, but it feels different. In a good way, I'm just happy to have a little break to cuddle with Jay, set up the tree, and read a few books.

I'm not participating in Black Friday in stores. I'm not a fan of craziness. *giggle*

I don't have anything deep tonight, I just wanted to blog. I've missed blogging.


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