Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Day to Remember--Golden Apple #2

In 2006 I was given the Golden Apple Award in Joplin, Missouri. It is an award given annually, and I won it based upon a student nomination. Today I was given a different, yet very meaningful, Golden Apple Award again. *grin*

Last year we started an award on our staff, a traveling Golden Apple, that is passed from staff member to staff member at our monthly staff meetings. It has been a lot of fun to see all the different connections on our staff, and many tears have been shed as hearts are shared as to why the apple is being given to that person. Today I was given the apple by a dear friend of mine on staff. *grin*

The irony is that I was ten minutes late because I couldn't find my keys today. I was AHEAD of schedule, ready to walk out the door, and couldn't find my keys. I was stressed to the tilt because I've been working SO HARD to be early to meetings this year. *grin* So, I walked in ten minutes late to the meeting and thought I had missed the award because it is given FIRST at our staff meeting. (Yes, I need to be EARLY in January when I pass it on!) *grin*

After a presentation finished by another staff member about something else, my principal called on the Golden Apple winner from our last meeting and she stood up to present the award. I knew it was me when she went into how her daughter did a report about a person on staff that was disabled but isn't disabled, and even drives a car without a disabled parking permit. *grin* I was TOUCHED that her daughter gave so much thought into my life, as my friend told details of her daughter's project and I just grinned. Once again, God reminded me that even in those moments when you aren't even thinking about people watching you, they are. *grin* I have seriously thought deeply about that all day.

2013 has definitely been a year for me of pondering the impact we have on each other's lives. As I pondered this on the drive home tonight, I thought it was cool that He would have me end the year with the award, after all He's taught me this year about relationships and friendships.

Today my friend did more than give me an award, she gave me a smile and a gift that is felt beyond what I can express to you in words. I've pondered all night how to post this story, as the award itself isn't the point for me.

The point is that I wanted to remember this morning and all the thoughts that have occurred since my dear friend gave me the award. It is a blessing that goes beyond what award will be passed on one month from now to another deserving staff member (I have to pick, and this is going to be fun and hard all at the same time.). It is a moment in time where I felt simply blessed to be included...loved...accepted. *grin*

Sometimes God uses His kids to show us lessons we didn't even know we needed. He did that with me today. Thank You, Lord.

And, friend, thanks! You and your kids are precious to me!


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BuffBoi said...

Have I ever told you how proud I am of you?