Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow Day #1

Today began as a regular school day. I woke up and got ready for school, as usual. I was scheduled to tutor a student before school. Everything was good to go, and then I went outside.

My driveway was a sheet of ice. I was thankful to have a garage, and to have a car to hold onto to close the garage door and get back inside the car. I got out of the driveway, and the neighborhood was SLICK. I slid twice (don't worry Mom, I'm fine!). I got on a main road and everyone was going SLOWLY and I joined the group of snails going down the road. *grin*

I got to school at the same time I was supposed to be meeting my student, but I was fine with that. I wanted to be SAFE instead of wrecked. *grin*

A friend helped me into the building, and I was set. *grin* I put my things in my classroom and headed back to meet the student. When the student arrived, his Mom informed me that the buses were running 45 minutes late at the same time my principal was letting us know that fact too. *grin*

In my head I thought, "45 minutes? So, how is this going to work?" I didn't say a word to my student, we just went in and started working on math. Shortly after that, my phone was blowing up with texts. His Mom had texted me and said that school had been cancelled and she was headed to pick up her son. *grin* I told the kid, and then checked Twitter. Yup, it was on Twitter. Within moments of me bringing up Twitter, my principal announced on the loud speaker that nothing was officially communicated to her yet. Well, I still had a kid who's Mom was headed to pick him up, so we headed up to the office because I wasn't sure if he had to be signed out or not since he was technically in school before it was cancelled.

The office was packed! People were chatting, while our amazing secretary was fielding calls. Not too long after we got there, our principal read us the official email, and we were told we could go home or stay and work. They left the decision up to us. *grin* I headed home right after the student was picked up by his Mom.

I've been home with Jay, cuddling and watching various made-for-tv movies. I also got most of my Christmas Cards done. *grin* I haven't seen snow fall to stick, but I noticed that my driveway was still a sheet of ice when I got home, and the road appeared to be a sheet of ice when I took Jay out a little while ago. *grin*

Today was the first time in my teaching career that school was cancelled AFTER I got there, and for those of us in that office, watching several kids jump up and down when it was official, it was a day we won't forget. I know I won't.

Today has been great.

Thank You, Lord.


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