Sunday, December 22, 2013


I am just like a little kid this time of year. That's okay though, scripture tells us to have a child-like heart, and I do that very well. *grin*

All last week they talked about a big storm hitting the KC metro area. I have to admit, I was excited. Usually I want it to fall on a school day, so we can get a snow day. However, since we hadn't had any significant snowfall, I was itching for snow. It really didn't even matter how much, I just wanted to look out and see white for a little while.

Yesterday, just as they predicted, the storm came through, with a mix of rain, sleet, and finally snow. I was more excited than I EVER thought I would be. *grin*

Today I sit here in my living room, and find myself glancing out the windows often, just to see the pretty, white snow. We didn't get a lot, perhaps an inch or two, but it doesn't matter. It's perfect in my opinion. *grin*

I don't think we're supposed to get any more snow for a while, which is fine. Yesterday was the first day of Winter. *grin*

I've been pondering why I like snow so much right now. It's just so peaceful to look outside and see white instead of brown and naked trees. Well, okay, the trees are still naked, but it looks great outside. *grin*

Jay and I have spent the day cuddling, reading a book (that's me, not him. *giggle*), and watching sappy Christmas movies. I did change out of my pajamas, into sweats. *grin*

I love break.


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