Saturday, January 04, 2014

2014 Goals and JOY

While Karen was here a few days ago, she asked me if I had any goals for 2014. I had a couple rolling around in my head, but I hadn't taken time to write them down, so I wanted to take a few minutes and get them written out tonight. Yes, there are some that you won't read, as they are between me and the Lord, but there are some I think you'll enjoy reading. *grin*

At the end of last year, I ran across a blog that posted that the author of the blog had read 80 books last year. I sat here and thought, "I have NO IDEA how many I have read." Therefore, my goal this year is to write down every title of every book I read. I will also make note if I actually finished it, or abandoned it.

This year I also want to give myself permission to abandon a book if I don't like it. This has always been hard for me. For some odd reason, I have perceived abandoning a book as a failure, and that's NOT the case. The Lord and I have REALLY been talking a lot about that lately. *grin*

I also want JOY to be my word for 2014. That is for two reasons. One, because I want to live out the JOY principle, Jesus first, others second, and myself (yourself) last. Also because scripture states that the JOY of the Lord is my strength. That's one of my favorite scriptures! I want to share JOY with others, as well as lean into Him with more than I ever have before.

I will openly admit that the car accident earlier this week has affected me. I have been DEEP in thought over the "what ifs". I can't even describe in words how thankful I am that Karen and I weren't hurt. Honestly, I have thought more about Karen than me. I am so THANKFUL He was watching over us. VERY THANKFUL.

Therefore, I want 2014 to be the year I love without limits. To (appropriately, of course) care about those around me in such a way that they know I love them.

I had always thought, "You never know if you'll have tomorrow." At the same time, I thought I'd be old when I met Jesus. After Thursday, I have a (somewhat) different take on it all. I don't think I've had this life-altering experience, but I do believe I plan to love and spread JOY on a different level. *grin*

Finally, I want to make more time to enjoy reading on a daily basis. In reflecting upon 2013, I spent a lot more time on schoolwork and less time on what I enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I will still do schoolwork when needed. However, I plan to ENJOY time each day in a good book. *grin*

There they are, a few goals for me for 2014.

I don't have any huge revelations or words for 2014.

I simply want to life, laugh, and love to the fullest extent this year.



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