Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Amazon Kindle *grin*

So, I have found that I am one of those adults that says "I don't need an iPhone....Kindle...." Then I go to buy one and think, "This is the coolest thing EVER." Yes, I was one of those kids that once had cassette tapes to listen to my music on, and enjoyed moving up to Compact Discs when they came along. There's no telling what will exist 100 years from now when I'm dancing with Jesus in Heaven. *giggle*

Scienceguy and I swapped texts for about 10 days, as I debated between the mini iPad and Amazon Kindle. I have an iPad in my classroom, but wasn't convinced that I wanted one just yet. I tend to think there will be another version out soon, and will want that anyway. *giggle*

I finally decided on an Amazon Kindle. I am already a proud supporter of Amazon, so it was only a matter of figuring out what I wanted. Honestly, when I didn't get one for Christmas, I was sad. I didn't realize I wanted one until I didn't get one, then I REALLY wanted one. *giggle*

So, I did the debate, Kindle Fire, PaperWhite, etc.

I went with the Kindle Fire!

Next thing I knew, Scienceguy texted me and said they were on sale! I jumped on it and ordered it!

It arrived last week, and I played with it a little but since it was a school week, I didn't get to play on it a whole lot. I did use a gift card and get a couple books on it, so that was VERY exciting for me.

This weekend I have jumped into book #1 of the Divergent Series ON THE KINDLE. *grin*

I love it! I love the book AND the Kindle. *grin*

I'm also enjoying the goal I set for myself. I abandoned the last book I was reading, and am now enjoying Divergent immensely!

If you don't enjoy reading, I feel sorry for you.

This book is giving me an AMAZING movie in my mind. (And, the movie to the first book of Divergent comes out in March 2014!)

And the Kindle, yeah, it will let me have books #2 and #3 in less than one minute! Yes, this might be a little expensive, but at least ebooks are cheaper! *giggle*

Did I mention I have the day off tomorrow? Guess what I'll be doing! *giggle*


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