Wednesday, January 01, 2014


I absolutely LOVE how the Lord makes each ONETHING Conference full of different experiences from the year before. This year was my eleventh Onething, and it was full of various WONDERFUL experiences. Some of them I want to share with you, in hope that it will bless you. Some I'll save just for me though. *giggle*

I was blessed to be able to serve others during the conference. This was the fourth year I have served people before attending the evening services. I have to admit, this is turning out to be a true highlight of the conference for me. In the years past, I served on shuttles. For 2013, I waited to long to sign up, and wound up volunteering in the bookstore. I LOVED IT!!! I was able to sack items for people while staff members served as cashiers. I was able to talk to people from ALL OVER the world! It was SO MUCH FUN. I also enjoyed getting to know IHOP staff too. I have seen several of them around, but I hadn't really talked to them. It was GREAT. I plan on volunteering to do that again.

I also did a shuttle shift, and that was fun too. I knew most of the people during my shift, so that was fun. My passengers were really cool too. Most of them live here, so it was cool to meet local people too.

The day I did shuttles, I spent a couple hours in the Prayer Room on the front row. Jon Thurlow was leading when I arrived, and Laura Hackett led the next shift. It was SO MUCH FUN to worship with them leading. That time went by VERY fast too! *grin*

Last year I spent almost the entire conference in the Prayer Room. This year, I attended services, and LOVED it! I think last year I was in a weird place, but this year was amazing. I had prayed that He would give me some new stuff, and He did just that.

My favorite sermon was given by Banning Liebscher. I had never heard of him, but God tends to speak to me the deepest when it's someone new. *grin* Banning spoke about walking with the Lord over TIME. It was RIGHT where I'm at. I can't really explain it all to you, as it was a God thing, but I will say that was a definite highlight for me. I bought the CD to listen to from time to time. I remember thinking, that was the first sermon is YEARS that spoke right to me. I LOVED IT.

The worship in each set I was in was AMAZING. I enjoyed Matt Redman a lot, but I admit that Matt Gilman leading us into the New Year was A BLAST! I miss Matt TONS in the GPR. It was a GREAT way to begin 2014. *grin*

As usual, it all went by VERY fast. Time ALWAYS flies when you're having fun. *grin*

It's okay too.

Only 361 days to ONETHING 2014.



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