Friday, February 07, 2014


Tonight I have pondered what happened 17 years ago. I have shared this story with MANY teens out at camp because so many of the teens are so young and trying to make their faith their own. I am so glad that God put a young man in my path while I was in college who led me to the Lord. Some of you have already heard this story, and that's fine. Some of you haven't, and I pray that it will help another young person in sharing their faith with someone too.

I was an RA in college, and LOVED it.

During one spring semester, a young man entered our residence hall and started hanging out with me. He actually thought I was already a Christian. I guess just by how I acted, I dunno. Then one night changed everything.

We were in my residence hall room (get your mind outta the gutter, it wasn't like that) and he asked me how I knew the Lord. I looked at him and said I didn't. His face lit up and he talked to me about giving my heart to the Lord. Long story short, we stopped and prayed and I accepted Him into my heart. *grin*

My life changed, gradually over time.

I want to encourage those of you out there that are young and know Jesus.

Don't be afraid to share Him with others. Don't be afraid to take a chance with people.

You never know how He is setting things up.

That young man in my life, was only there for that one semester because of his courses.

One semester.

He was there for me.

Who will you be there for?


Let Him use you!


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