Wednesday, February 05, 2014

SNOW DAYS *grin*


I am writing this on my third snow day in a row. We also have received word that we won't be in session tomorrow either due to a massive snow storm (and frigid temps) that dumped SEVERAL (9-12) inches of snow in the KC Metro area. *grin* I asked for it, as I prayed for it. *giggle*

I have done some school work everyday. Yes, a teacher's job is never truly done. *grin*

I have also relaxed a lot.

I have had Jay in my lap a lot.

I have read one book and am now on a new book.

I have watched TV.

I saw KU win their basketball game last night.

I have watched movies.

Jay has barked at the guy removing snow. (It comes with the town home.)

I found out a friend of mine in Joplin plays Words with Friends, and we're on game #3 now. That has probably been my favorite part, as I almost feel as if I've reconnected with a friend as we've chatted as we've played. I've lost every game, but that's nothing new. *grin*

It has been awesome.

I have also had some random thoughts come to mind as I have sat on this couch:

1. Why would you combine hamburger and pizza? Shouldn't pizza just be pizza?
2. Have the kids missed me at all? I will admit, I have missed them. *grin*
3. I have done schoolwork. Will I ever feel caught up? I don't mind, as I'm more caught up now than I have been in a long time, but wow, teachers are busy people!
4. How in the world did Granny B do this single gig without the web? My heart has been moved toward her. At the same time, I still FIRMLY believe I'd rather be alone than in crap.
5. How am I lucky enough to be alive in this time in our history? I ponder this TONS. He clearly chose me for a time such as this, and I plan to be a blessing to those around me!
6. Facebook has been around 10 years? Wow. Yes, I loved my video, as Jesus was a huge part of it. *grin* I have also enjoyed watching friend's videos.
7. I take so much for granted. Like being able to leave my house. I am not stir crazy yet, but I can see a few more days of this and I could be.
8. Some of my kids are going to struggle coming back after this break, so I have been praying already for that transition.
9. Gary Lezak predicted massive snow this week back in December.
10. I am thankful for a home with heat, running water, and an electric blanket.
11. Jay might just be the sweetest dog I've ever met, and I'm not just saying that because he's mine.
12. Sleeping in has shifted this break, because I have stayed to going to bed around my normal time since I didn't want my body to get too used to this schedule, so waking at 8:45 has been fine. Perhaps He's preparing me for the next season? *grin*
13. I'm blessed to have the relationships that I do. The book I'm reading now was recommended to me by a friend, and I am about to get back to it. It's really good, and I am sure a blog post will appear when I'm done. *grin*
14. Isn't it weird how the older you get the younger it feels? *grin*
15. This Friday marks 17 years with the Lord.
What else is left to say? *grin*


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