Saturday, April 12, 2014

Car Ride Ponderings

I now have my first sunburn of the season, and I'm fine with that. Today was a beautiful day to go support a student play soccer. I'm fine with a little sun. *grin* It's so good to have Spring upon us.

I must admit, I enjoyed today. After the soccer game I ran errands around Independence and listened/sang along with some older IHOP-KC stuff. It was really good, and I really enjoyed it, as I have several things I'm praying through. Nothing life-threatening, but my mind has been running non-stop. Praying and singing brings me back to what's first in my life. It was AMAZINGLY AWESOME.

I had some AMAZINGLY good moments in the car, as I heard from Him on a few things. I even cancelled some plans I had in order to continue with what I was experiencing and receiving. That person doesn't know that, I just said we'd reschedule, and things were fine.

I discovered the Half Price Books store and I used a gift card. *grin* It was a blessing on a fun afternoon.

So, I think I'll now go read one of my new books. *giggle* Not that I needed more books. *giggle*


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