Sunday, April 13, 2014

He Blessed Me!!!

Today was one of those days I have about once every year. I can't control it, it's a God thing. The day began as my Sundays usually do, with shuttles. What I didn't expect was to immediately enjoy the Lord from the beginning. In the CD player was a CD that had a favorite song of mine. I was dancing in the shuttle singing! Okay, well, I was dancing in my chair, as I waited for passengers. People were walking into church smiling and laughing at me. It was kinda cool. *grin*

So, I enjoyed music and what happened is something I can't even explain in words. All I can say is, I got back something I had lost. In the things of God, sometimes experiences are beyond words. That was my day today, and it only got better.

After shuttles, I drove to the Prayer Room with a song from a past Onething Conference blaring. I sang with all my heart and parked my car and thought, "Gosh it'd be cool to do that song live again." The kicker was Cory Asbury sang it (didn't write it, but sang it) so I doubted that would happen any time soon.

Then I walked into the prayer room where Laura Hackett was leading.

Guess what song they were singing?

I'm NOT KIDDING. The exact same song!!!

He did that just for me, and I smiled. *grin*

I sat down and for the first time in, well, since August, I was in the Prayer Room without schoolwork. It wasn't that I haven't done any this weekend, it's just that I felt as if I really needed to stop and rest. I was exhausted by the end of last week on so many levels, and was ready for some alone time.

I sat and enjoyed the remainder of Laura's set, and then Sarah Edwards came out to lead. Typically her husband leads the 2-4, but Sarah sat down, and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I hated to leave, but there was a boy expecting me for his birthday party. *grin*

The phrase I keep hearing and pondering is "run this race". It's one of my favorite scriptures, and has given me perspective this weekend. Sarah even sang about perspective. Yes, this was a weekend I'm not going to forget. He did so much just for me. *grin*

I'm ready for the four-day work week. Yes, we get Friday off.

I think I'll spend more time in the Prayer Room Friday. *grin*


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