Friday, April 04, 2014



I miss blogging more regularly, but I do schoolwork most evenings, so tonight is my first chance in a week. That's not meant to be a complaint, but rather more of a statement.

This week went very well. I had two students really improve in the area of being able to focus while I teach (or work with them), and I got a lot more teaching done in their world. I felt SO HAPPY for them! It made me REALLY excited!

I also went to the fourth grade/choir performance last night. It was really cool to see my little people up there doing something different than work in a classroom setting. I was so PROUD of all of them. I just grinned as they sang and played their instruments. It was precious! *grin*

Today I tutored a student after school and he made me smile the whole time we were together. Then again, I tutored a student before school who also made me smile. *grin* I guess you could say I enjoy teaching the little people. *grin*

Tomorrow I am supporting several students at their soccer games. I'm excited. *grin*

I am also looking forward to some serious couch time.

Ahhhh, weekends are FABULOUS!


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