Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day #1

Last week my favorite radio station (K-Love) was having their fundraising week, so I switched over to Air-1. It's weird to admit that I do enjoy K-Love better, but Air-1 is also Christian so they play some of the same songs that K-Love does. Air-1 is for the younger audiences, but I do enjoy it over the fundraising on K-Love. (Sorry, K-Love!) So, I really enjoyed listening last week, and one of the announcers stated that they have had a 100 day challenge. I literally stopped in my tracks and listened. K-Love does a thirty-day challenge, and I love that idea, but 100 days? Gosh, I couldn't imagine doing something for 100 days! The announcer stated that she ran more than 5 miles each day for her challenge and lost weight and loved it. I just laughed. Literally. Out. Loud. She ran 5 miles? Hahahahaha! I mean, AWESOME, GOOD FOR HER. Let me state right now, that WON'T BE MY CHALLENGE. :-)

So, then I moved on to pondering what I would like to do, and what size challenge I want to do. I sat in the Prayer Room today and prayed about it. I really feel like I should take on this challenge. I really want to do something.

So, I have come up with three things I want to do for thirty days. I have school coming to a close, so it will be interesting to see how this all works out, but I figure 30 days gets me to camp. Out at camp I'm living and breathing for the campers, staff, and CIA's, so I will stop the challenge during those days. I really feel that's okay. After Term 1, I'll pray and see where to go from there. :-)

So, I won't share everything I'm doing, as part of it is between the Lord and me. However, one of the challenges is to write daily. That doesn't mean blog, as I do keep a personal journal for those rough days that I just need to share with the Lord. *grin* However, some days it will mean blogging, and that makes me excited. I miss doing this, so this will be fun. *grin*

The other two items I'll save for my last post of the whole challenge.

For tonight, well, it's Day #1.

The Lord is going to guide me through this, because I know I won't be able to do this on my own. *grin*

AWESOME...leaning into Him...

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