Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Thoughts Rolling Around In My Head *giggle*

So, all week I've wanted to stop and write, but I didn't make time for it. It was one of those crazy-busy weeks that I didn't stop. Make note: I didn't say bad, I said BUSY. There's a vast difference between the two. So, with that being said, I'm not sure how this will all come out, but I am glad to FINALLY be writing again. As always, this is probably more for me than you. I honestly enjoy re-reading what I've written to remind me of the highs and lows this side of Heaven. Obviously, I don't take time to do that often, but I do it every once in a while. *grin* So, I guess I'll share what's been in my head lately.

I feel like my mind is running 100mph these days. That isn't bad, it's just hectic. Lots of thoughts to sort through and choose what to share and what to filter. *grin* Or, more importantly, choosing what I want to remember years from now and what isn't worth holding onto.

I'm finding that's an important part of life. Choices.

I tell my students that daily. That all of life is about choices. For some that's easy, and for others, well, they like being told what to do. I walk a fine line between telling and guiding. My ultimate goal for my students is to send them on to the next level as independent as possible.

In fact, I saw my student's future yesterday on a field trip. I was blessed to be able to escort a student to one of the middle schools in town for an introduction to her new school for next year. Not all middle schools do this, so it was my first year to attend one of these sessions, and it was one of the coolest experiences I've had here in L.S. I went with one student to the middle school and we did a meet-and-greet, tour, lunch, and wrap up session. It was amazing. The school was significantly larger than the one I attended in Lawrence. Not only that, I saw how independent the kids need to be. I walked away with a few thoughts. First, I realized how much more independent my students need to be. Second, I realized how much I don't like the idea of this student moving on because she's a really cool kid. And, third, part of this job means raising them up and sending them on, and I'm proud of each one of my little people. The coolest part of the whole thing was when we were walking into my school after the field trip, and the student said, "Thanks for going with me, Ms. Springer." That was my first highlight of my day yesterday. It was one of those moments where I stopped and replied, "Thanks for letting me go with you. I enjoyed it." My heart melted then and there.

I think part of teaching is finding those amazing moments with students. Everyday someone says or does something to make me smile and laugh. I joke with the kids that I can't wait for Summer Break, and I do need a break, but I do enjoy my job immensely. I feel blessed to have every kid that I have in my classroom. They all bring their own piece of personality to my world and I love it.

At the end of my day I tutored a boy in fourth grade. He and I have been buddies ever since we've been at my school. I made a comment about him being one of the highlights of my day, and he said I was his highlight of the day. It just made me smile ear-to-ear. He's a special little guy, and I'm just glad we're paired up for this season in his life.

As I worked in my room after school yesterday I pondered Middle School teachers. I'm sure if I had been made to work with that age, I'd be GREAT at it. However, I'm glad I'm in little people land. Seriously. It's clearly what I'm made to do.

We have a countdown to Summer Break on my board, and there was a countdown to camp somewhere on FB. Gosh, I can't believe both are so close. I'm ready. I'm ready to be free to simply read each night instead of doing homework. *grin*

Another highlight recently is a testimony from Him. I can honestly say that God has been answering my prayers in the area of friendships. Without getting into anything in particular, the Lord has brought some gals into my life that have made me laugh and smile. They also love the Lord, which is an even bigger deal to me. I've seen two movies in the past month, and have had more in-depth chats than I've had in a long time. I am blessed.

Of course, Jay just came downstairs from upstairs and put his head on my shoulder and leaned into me. That's always a highlight too.

There's more rolling around in my head, but I have a book I want to go read. *grin*


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