Thursday, April 17, 2014


Today was a very good day.

School went well.

We don't have school tomorrow.

There will not be an alarm set in the morning.

I went with a friend to see HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. I LOVED IT!!!

I could stop there and that would be a GREAT day!

However, I had two highlights that I want to write about because they are worth remembering.

The first story began first thing this morning, when a parent texted me and said, "Houston we have a problem." *grin* She went on to state that her son refused to even try to read the book I had given him to read. I told her not to sweat it, that she was a really good Mom and I would talk to him. So, when her son came in this morning, we talked and he chose a new book. After that, I didn't think much about it.

He came back this afternoon and ran in and said, "I'm on page 90!" He then moved my blue chair to my table and started reading BY CHOICE!!! I took a picture and texted it to his Mom. She was thrilled! By the time he left, he was on page 112 and asked if he had to read over the weekend. Since he was caught up on the assignment I told him, "no". He grinned, but took his book and a new book that was similar to the one I gave him and was excited about reading. I just grinned. I'm fine with the book he chose, which was in comic format, because he has to start somewhere. I sat there for a moment and just grinned. I was SO PROUD of that little guy. Seriously.

My second proud moment came a little while later. I have a student that likes me, but has a hard time saying it. About a month ago I added a sign in my classroom that says, "I like you." Long story short, it's what I say to the kids as they leave. Well, this week one of the boys started leaving the room, but would stop, hold up the sign and say, "Ms. Springer, look." It made me grin each time he did it. *grin* So today as he left, I said, "Wait, I want a picture." I took a picture with that first kid and then another kid wanted to be added. It was a great picture, but the part that touched my heart was the fact that kid will now hold that sign before he leaves each day because he can't verbalize it. It makes me *grin* every time.

Yeah, I was one proud teacher today. It was AMAZING.

Now I'll be honest and say I'm glad we have the day off tomorrow.

I won't set an alarm clock. *grin*

Now I think I'll go upstairs and read. *grin*


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