Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Term 5, 2014, Blue Fingernails

As this week has gone on, the more I have looked at my fingernails. They are blue. Well, mostly blue because the fingernail paint is coming off of a few of them.

A little tidbit about me is that I don't paint my fingernails on a regular basis. Okay, let me get real, I don't paint them period. The only time of year that they are painted is during the Summer when I'm at camp. *grin*

Camp typically stretches me when it comes to the girly stuff. There was a day I was a girly girl, but I don't remember it because I was REALLY little. From about 3rd grade on, I have not been a girly girl. I enjoy dressing comfortably, not for fashion. I'd rather be playing ball than painting fingernails. I'd rather do a quick shower, dry my hair, and go do something else, instead of sit in front of a mirror and do hair, makeup, etc. I don't dislike people who like the girly stuff, NOT AT ALL. It's just not me.

So, when it comes time for camp, and the girly stuff, it's a step out of my comfort zone. However, within reason, I'll do a lot for the campers and CIA's in my cabin. *grin*

Last week we had a gal in our cabin who was a little emotional at times. She was PRECIOUS, and I had promised her that she could do my hair and make-up one night. So, one night after showers we were waiting for the party, and she did my nails in blue. It is kinda cool because that's my favorite color. It may not always match my outfit, but I don't care. It reminds me of the camper, and that makes me smile. *grin*

She did my makeup too, and the lipstick was somewhat off my lips. *grin* I'm telling you, it was precious. *grin*

Blue fingernails.

I love camp!


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