Saturday, November 15, 2014

November Highlights (Well, so far.) *grin*

I have been hard at work today, all day, and I have hit that moment of, "it's time to stop and relax."

Honestly, I could easily curl up and sleep, but I don't want to be wide awake at 5am, so I'm hanging in there until 9:30. *grin* After all, sleep is a beautiful thing. *grin*

In the meantime, I wanted to share some highlights from this month. I know, I know, it's only halfway over, but seriously, life has been BUSY. And, it's been GOOD.

I started the month off with serving at Barnabas last weekend. I was in an amazing cabin, and it was probably the most diverse group of girls I've ever been in. We had two siblings, a few with autism, a few with various other conditions, and it was AMAZING. I was in the same cabin with Kali, who is precious to me. I feel as if I'm an adopted Mom to her, and she is PRECIOUS.

Weekends at Barnabas are amazing because I feel like I'm just hanging out with family when I'm there. The acceptance and love there is beyond words, and we truly love one another like family. I am blessed to be a part of that family. *grin*

Included in my cabin was Martha Grace. Martha Grace is a famous camper who everyone loves. While I really didn't get to spend tons of time around her, as I was bonding with another camper, I loved it when Martha Grace was nearby. She reminds me of pure happiness and joy. I love that.

I spent most of my time with a camper named Destiny. Destiny doesn't talk, but she's very special to me, even though her connections with people aren't like ours. I have had Destiny in my cabin several times, and she taught me so much! She couldn't talk, but she could communicate, and there was a lot of wisdom in that. I LOVED IT!!!

On the drive back, I picked up Karen, who has been here all week. I have enjoyed having her here. She's been at a conference this weekend, while I've done schoolwork. She's a joy to be around, and one evening we ministered to a friend of mine, which was fun too. Over the past several years, Karen has been out of this country more than she's been in this country, so it's been GREAT to have her here. While I'm not sure how long she's here, I plan to enjoy it while I can. *grin*

Finally, teaching has been full of a lot laughter lately. This has felt like a different sort of year, but I am enjoying it. My students each bring something unique to my classroom, and I enjoy it!

We had our book fair last week, and I worked on Thursday night. To be honest, I love to work the book fair. Oh, and I got a free book for working the fair. *grin*

Perhaps the neatest thing to happen in my classroom this year, is that we have a new class pet! We have a red and blue fish named CHIEF BUBBLES SPRINGER. *grin* Yes, the kids named it. The first Chief died within 24 hours, and the current Chief has a 30 day return policy. So far so good! Honestly, if I had known what kind of response I was going to get from the kids, I would have approved a pet before now. One of the parents of one of my students donated a small tank, and all the supplies to go with it, including the fish! I'll keep ya posted on Chief in the days and weeks to come. *grin*

For now, I'm going to read a bit. I will sleep shortly. Sleep is a beautiful thing. *grin*

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