Saturday, November 01, 2014

World Series 2014

This past week was crazy-busy, so I wanted to take a moment and write about something that will be a memorable experience in years to come. Not necessarily for me, personally, it's not like I'm a professional baseball player, but from the perspective of a fan living in Kansas City.

Before I get into that though, I want to share another memorable experience with you...I lived in Lawrence in 1988 when KU won the basketball championship. I remember how the entire community came together to cheer on the team. My Dad even came and took me out of school, when I was in the 8th grade, to take me to the pep rally that was held for the players. My brother's school walked to it from where they were located. It was a very memorable experience. Partly because my Dad didn't just show up to take me out of school for something like that on any other occasion and because it was the first time I really recall experiencing something as big as a team winning like that where a community came together. It was incredible.

I used to love baseball. I grew up watching the game on TV. I loved the Atlanta Braves, as I watched TBS regularly. Dale Murphy was my favorite player, number 3 (still my favorite number), and I loved it. I even got to meet him at a Braves versus Astros game. (Astros won. Bummer.) Then the players went on strike and I lost respect for the players. (I'll save my soapbox post for another day about ballplayers versus school teachers, and the pay difference between the two.) I haven't honestly watched a baseball game since then. That all changed in early October when the Royals were playing for a Wild Card spot in the World Series.

I felt like I was thrown back into the world of a sport that I knew as a kid, but haven't watched it since then. I'm not going to say it's my absolute favorite sport now, because KU basketball is still my all-time favorite. It was an experience that I won't forget.

No, I didn't go to any of the games. (Maybe if I win the lottery I will one day go to the World Series.) *grin*

I became a fan of baseball again though. *grin* I found myself talking about the games with my friends and students. I found myself playing the Matthew West song about the Royals in my classroom. I also looked forward to each game that we had in the evenings, and so did my students. I even splurged and bought a KC Royals hoodie for me. (A rarity for me to just spend $55 like that!) While all that was cool, that wasn't the coolest part for me.

The coolest part for me was watching my school building (where I teach) become united in the World Series. Typically we're divided somehow, whether it's Chiefs/Broncos or KU/Missouri, I can't really recall a time when we were all cheering for the same team. That all changed during the World Series. It was amazing how everywhere I looked, there was Royals apparel being worn. We were all cheering for the same team, and I loved that!!! On the final day of the series, they played the Royals song over the speaker at dismissal...what an amazing memory for the students and staff at my school!

Sure, I did have one student cheering for the Giants, and he got his wish. Truthfully, I was okay with the loss, as that one kid was thrilled the next day and he needed that. *grin*

While it was a bummer that we lost, I was glad we made it to the World Series. That hasn't happened in 29 years. It made the whole thing exceptionally fun, as some people even wore shirts that said, "Party like it's 1985." It was very cool.

So, we lost. It's over. Life goes on. *grin*

But, seriously, how often does a team get to the World Series? I'm still a proud Royals Fan, even though we lost!

Guess what?

KU basketball season begins November 3.

I. Can't. Wait.

I am also optimistic that the Royals will make it to the World Series again. I'm praying it won't take 29 years though. The past three weeks were a lot of fun. *grin*


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