Monday, December 29, 2014

Day #2: Onething 2014

This Onething Conference is turning out to be unlike any other, but as I was riding back in the IHOP-KC bus, I was reminded that every year is different. I have to chuckle, as I often think, "Why do I think God does the same things the same way every time?" He isn't like that, and I'm SO THANKFUL for that!

Today was different from the beginning to the time I walked into the house. *grin* Here are just a few highlights:

1. Shuttles!!! Ohmygoodness! I prayed and prophesied over several people, and just enjoyed visiting with the visitors I met. There were a few that had me shaking my head going, "Why are you here?" They were the first rude riders I've ever had. Ah well, it's okay, I didn't let it ruin my day! *grin*

2. Papa Bear!!! I will admit, I LOVE the Shuttle Team I'm on. This is my sixth year here for Onething, and I will admit, Papa Bear and Mama Mary have become very special to me. The moment I heard Papa Bear say, "Hi Pleasant!" at around 2:30 I hollered in my shuttle, "PAPA BEAR!" I believe people laughed. *grin* I tend to make people laugh often.

3. The Prayer Room. I planned on going in for just one set and then heading upstairs to the service. However, when the second team came out, I was where I was supposed to be and I stayed. That set, 6-8, was amazing! It was what I had been praying for when I awoke today. It was AMAZING!!! About 8:30 I came home. Seriously. I sit here with Allen preaching via the Onething app. Wow, how times have changed. I knew I could come home and hear it, so I just came home. *grin* I have Jay beside me, and I will head upstairs to sleep soon. *grin*

4. Facebook. Yes, FACEBOOK. As it turns out, a dear friend posted today that his test results came back the way he was hoping for, and he does NOT have Cancer. Now, on one hand, I didn't know that was a possibility when I was praying for him. HOWEVER, I'm okay with not knowing, he is in good health. In the midst of a season of several others in health battles, it was about time I heard of Cancer getting kicked in the backside. *grin*

5. Sleep. I'm going to log-off and sleep when Allen's done. I'm already home, so I will get a full-night's sleep. *grin*


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