Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Another day is over, and I am finding that each day goes by faster than the one before. Well, my time in the Prayer Room goes faster than any part of my day. This shouldn't surprise me, but it does for some reason. Well, wait, here are the highlights from today:

1. Shuttles!!! I was initially bummed when Dave (shuttle coordinator for the morning/early afternoon shift.) asked me to do the Red Bridge route. What that meant at first was, I wasn't going downtown at all on shuttles. HOWEVER, what I found was, that was clearly where He wanted me because I met some AMAZINGLY cool people, who were COMPLETELY new to the world of IHOP-KC. It was really fun. One guy was pretty upset that the prayer room was moved downtown, and it didn't say that on the website, but when I explained everything he was okay. Well, better anyway. I LOVE introducing people to the world of IHOP-KC, and to Onething. It's AMAZINGLY fun!

2. The ride downtown when I was done with my shuttle shift was also fun. I was given priority since I had just driven for 4 hours, and wound up getting to know the driver that just came on. It was fun, as we apparently went to rival colleges. I laughed a lot that drive down. It's always fun to meet new people.

3. The Prayer Room. Today there was a new twist in the Prayer Room, and I was slightly surprised I had never experienced it before. I entered just after the 4pm team began, and they opened with a song we all knew, and then various singers sang it out in different languages. It was AWESOME. After the singers would sing it in the different languages, we would go back into english. It made the room really engaged, as they wanted to just bust out singing, but we all had to wait through the various languages for us to get back to the chorus. I kept smiling, as that was different, yet we're the INTERNATIONAL House of Prayer. That should be NORMAL. *giggle* After a few rounds of that, and the prayer cycle, we went back into singing and joy broke out. I tell ya, it's hard to explain but the Prayer Room is just different during the conference. I love it! And, before I knew it, it was 6:15pm. I left to go by the bookstore and get a seat for tonight's service.

4. Phil Wickam. I find it amazing how I know a lot of songs, and a lot of names of worship leaders, but if some of them walked right by me I would have zero idea who they are...I guess that's good, as I'm drawing closer to the Lord, not to a person. On the other hand, Phil Wickam came out to lead worship, and I had zero idea what he looked like. :-P He did an AMAZING job, and you can tell he has YEARS of experience leading groups in songs of worship. We did some of his big hits, as well as some Passion and Vineyard stuff. My favorite moment was when the band dropped out and we just kept singing various choruses. It happened several different times, and I LOVED it. *grin*

5. The shuttle ride home was fun too, because I got to sit by the same driver as before, and I also got to know a few of the passengers too. While it would be quicker if I just drove my car downtown, I would miss out on meeting some amazing people on the shuttle. *grin*

6. Finally, I think I want to type out one last thing, which is more for me than for you. As I was leaving the Prayer Room, this young man followed me out and asked if he could pray for me. This is common, and the second time this has happened during this conference. He wanted to pray for my leg to be healed. Oh my goodness. I was fine with it, but he used the phrase that I cringe at... he said, "What's wrong with you?" I stopped and looked at him. Yup, the bold teachery voice came out, and I told him (paraphrasing here) that nothing was "wrong". I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and if he was going to pray for me for something that's "wrong", I didn't want to be prayed for. The young guy didn't know what to think!!! Poor guy, he was clearly stepping out of his comfort zone to pray for someone he doesn't know, and here I am telling him nothing's "wrong" with me. *grin* He did wind up praying for me, and I prayed for him as well, but boy, he has some learnin' to do. *grin*

I am home, and ready to sleep. This year sleep is a true priority for me and I think that's okay too. Afterall, we have one more full day, which makes me smile. *grin*


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