Friday, January 02, 2015

January 2 Highlight

I'm on a mission to post highlights of my days. Not sure if it will be blogged daily, but I am journaling daily. Life is full of enough challenges, why focus on that? I know that the first few days here won't be too exciting due to the fact it's the weekend and break. Once school starts, there will be plenty of smiles. My students are typically a highlight of the day. *grin*

As for today, I mainly hung out at home. One would think that would be boring, but it really isn't for me. I actually enjoy time at home to rest. Normally I'd be working my tail off for school, but I have truly felt like I am to rest this break. Yes, it will mean working hard the next two weeks to get progress reports home, but I was so tired by December 19 that it has been a good break.

My highlight for today, which won't surprise any of you, was cuddling with Jay. While I have moments of needing space, I do love the little guy! I even bought a little sign tonight that says that I have a spoiled dog here. *grin* Love the dog. He's definitely the best blessing I've had as an adult. Really.*grin*

Time to go read and crash. We're due for winter weather tonight and tomorrow. I hope to get some serious reading done over the next several days.


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