Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Day Weekend *grin*

Life is good.


I love my job.

I cannot imagine my life without EACH of my little people.

This week has been the BEST week of 2015.

Each of my little people worked HARD this week. Due to some changes, this group of students have changed for the better, and I have TRULY enjoyed this week.

It hasn't been perfect, or anything close.

However, the kids have worked incredibly hard in such a neat way.

Today, one student was doing things I have prayed he would do, without being asked to do it. I stopped and watched. Yeah, that could change Tuesday, but for today, that was a miracle in itself. *grin*

Another girl asked if she could do two more assignments before she took a break. I said, "Of course!"

The most amazing quote for the week came from one student who said, "Ms. Springer, we're working harder now."

Yep, life is awesome.

Now we have a three-day weekend and I have a good book on the Kindle to get back to reading.


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