Saturday, April 04, 2015

"Are You April Foolin' Me?"

One of my least favorite days in teaching is April 1. The day is full of comments followed by, "April Fools." Most of the time I remember and they don't get me caught in it, but this year I did have one who got me. A student told me she had overheard her parents talking and she was going to be home schooled for next year. My heart sank until she said, "April Fools." The thing about that was, my heart was truly broken for a moment there, as I couldn't imagine my world without her in it. I guess I was reminded how much the little people mean to me throughout that day. *grin*

So, after school I had invited a friend over to help me change a few lightbulbs. Due to the fact I'm short and don't have a step ladder, I knew my taller friend could help me. So, we came back here and immediately got to work on the light bulbs. We started out downstairs in front of my coat closet and bathroom. She dropped a screw on the floor in the midst of it all, and we had to take time out to look for it. After we got the light bulb fixed, and I said, "Where is Jay?" She looked at me and told me she wasn't sure. We went ahead and looked downstairs for him. I looked under the couch, under the love seat, and he wasn't there. My friend even went outside and was calling for him. She said, "Jay, do you want a TREAT?"

I knew he wasn't outside, but I thought it was odd that he was missing. He's usually beside me to the point I need a break. My friend turned to me and said, "Are you April Foolin' Me?" My first thought was, I would NOT joke about Jay being missing. The second thought was, "After the day we've had, it's a valid question."

She went to check the storage room off my living room, and then she said, "Oh, I know where he is!"

I walked back in the kitchen, and It hit me where he was too.


We both started laughing SO HARD, I was on my kitchen floor so that when he came out he would come right to me! My friend opened the door to the closet and he came out like nothing had happened. He never barked, scratched, or made a sound. He just came out with his tail wagging. *grin* It was GREAT.

I'm so glad April Fools is over, but I promise that April 1 will be one I remember forever.

All because my silly furry kid got locked in a closet on accident.


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