Friday, April 03, 2015

Falling, Stopping, and Looking Up

The week after time out at Camp is often Character-Building. No matter how much prayer I put into the week prior to camp, there's always an attack afterward. I know that's the enemy trying to drag me down. You'd think he'd give up by now, but he doesn't. *grin* However, in the midst of it, I never let him win. *giggle*

So, I could (and just may, we will see how this weekend unfolds) post a story for each day of this past week. Everyday something new was thrown my way. That being said, I think I handled it well. The coolest part of camp is that it draws me to where I have to lean into the Lord in moments with campers. It's hard to explain, but I always come back more in love with people, and the Lord, than prior to the trip. *grin*

Tuesday morning I awoke earlier than usual due to a before-school meeting. Tuesday was slated to be a crazy day with several meetings, and Kindergarten registration that evening. So, I got ready to go, let Jay out, and then went upstairs to put Jay in his crate. I did my typical, "Bye, Jay, love you, see ya tonight." I started down the stairs, rushing because I was going to be late at that point due to a furry kid being slow on his last time out before I left. Yep, I bet you can picture it, I'm about two steps down the stairs (which are split, thank goodness!) and lose balance, and fall the rest of the way down.

I fell hard, and just stopped.

I took time to just stop and be with the Lord.

I was clearly rushing, for what? A meeting. Ultimately, I am not late this year to things. I'm usually early. And, life will go on if I'm a few minutes late.

I was in pain, as I fell hard, but made it to work and made it through the day just fine.

The rest of the week has been a little weird, as every time Jay leans on my knee, I hurt. Or when I go to lift something, my arm hurts. However, I don't mind. In that fall, God reminded me of something.

Life is short.

It's okay to be late every once in a while.

Finally, I was reminded that it's okay to fall down from time to time. It's what I do when I get back up that matters.




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