Friday, April 17, 2015

Camp Barnabas Big Party Marathon & 5K

I wrote this last Sunday night after I returned from Springfield. I wanted to go ahead and leave it the way I initially wrote it because I am blogging to remember memories. Your ability to read this memory, well, it's just a bonus for you. *grin*

While I'm exhausted tonight, I do want to write about what I experienced in the past 24 hours. Once again, I'm reminded of how PEOPLE are what's important in life, not things. *grin*

Two weeks ago when I was at camp, many people were talking about being at that Big Party Marathon this weekend, and I considered going. When I heard Lauren H. was going, I KNEW I was going. *grin*

So yesterday at 5:30ish, I left here and drove to Springfield. I met my friend Karen at Pizza House where we enjoyed a couple hours of talk time and AMAZING pizza. Pizza House is still my favorite pizza on the planet. Totally. However, the time with Karen was precious. I love how our hearts are connected to Him, and out of that flows deep conversations. I am blessed, beyond words, to have Karen in my life. Seriously. My heart was full leaving Pizza House last night. Truly.

This morning I was up early (not as early as I thought I would be though!) and arrived at the marathon at about 8:15. My job as equipment check-in wasn't until 8:30, so I got to visit with a lot of my Barnabas family. I grinned like a goofy little kid the whole time. The limp I have, was invisible, and I didn't expect that. I'm not sure why, in retrospect, it was a Barnabas event. *grin* All Barnabas events are like that, I just didn't expect it.

I danced to the music with the other volunteers for a while at the volunteer table, which was precious. The laughter and fun went on the entire time. Two main highlights occurred for me today, and lasted briefly. Lauren came in from the race, and I immediately went over to her and hugged her. She is precious! I got a picture with her too! I love it!

About an hour later, Laura Edwards walked up to me, and I was excited beyond words. I can't remember the last time I saw her, but it was precious to see her and chat quickly before she had to leave. Combined, I think I spent a total of ten minutes with Laura and Lauren, but I will admit that the 2.5 hour drive each way was worth it. Those gals, as well as all of my Barnabas family, don't know how special they are to me. I'd do a marathon trip myself (5 hours in the car in LESS than 24 hours) again if it meant another ten minutes with those precious gals and the rest of the Barnabas family.

It's hard to explain, but that family means more to me that you'll ever know. Sure, I have a great family here, who would do anything for me. And, the more I've thought about it, I feel blessed double. I have both a biological family that is amazing, plus my Barnabas one.

How cool is that? *grin*


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