Wednesday, June 17, 2015


One of the most unexpected blessings that I've received since I moved here is a sense of community in the Lord within Lee's Summit. Sure, I knew IHOP-KC was serious about the Lord, but I didn't give any thought to the Lee's Summit community. I am amazed, and blessed beyond words, to live here. *grin*

Recently our community has had family members pass away. All of the deaths have been unexpected, so there has been an incredible amount of prayer for the families that have lost loved ones. In each case, I cannot imagine the emotions that they are experiencing. None of those emotions are what I would wish upon anyone, and it's only through the Lord that people can walk through this season. Well, the Lord and the people He puts in our path. *grin* Which leads me to this morning.

I was able to be a part of something beautiful.

I picked up a friend and we met various other people at 7am, to bless a family that lost their daughter almost two weeks ago, unexpectedly. We met and formed a circle in the front lawn of the family's home, and prayed for them. The family wasn't outside, but it was an amazing way to support them without intruding upon their grieving process.

As I stood there, hand-in-hand with some people I knew and some that I didn't, I recognized what a sacred moment that was for everyone. For that family, it was priceless (I'm sure) to see people on their lawn praying for them. For those of us in the circle, we were there to support each other (I don't need support, as I didn't know the young lady, but I am friends with those that this affected) and pray peace over this season in those people's lives that are affected. This is the third death in that high school's class, so a lot of young people need our prayers like never before as they wrestle through this season.

As for me, personally, I didn't pray out. I didn't feel led to do so. However, as I stood there, I kept hearing that this side of Heaven is a step-by-step journey. So often we get stuck looking forward or behind us, that we don't appreciate the moment that we are in and enjoy it. I think that's a common thought after someone near to us passes, but for me, I'm praying for that family to be able to continue to put their feet forward and walk out life this side of Heaven, step by step.

For those parents and siblings, step-by-step is really all they should walk out at this point. Everything else, well, it just seems to fall in His timing.

This morning was beautiful, and something I've never done before.

At the same time, I hope it's not something I do again. After all, death isn't hard for those in Heaven, it's hard for us left behind. That's why He gave us each other. *grin*

GOOD...and I don't take one day for granted...EVER....

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