Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Movie #2: Pitch Perfect 2

In 2012 (ish) I was at a Barn-A-Break, and the movie that everyone at camp was talking and singing songs from was Pitch Perfect. I hadn't even heard of it, but that didn't surprise me. During the school year, I tend to focus on the school stuff. *grin*

When I got home from camp, I watched the movie, and enjoyed it. I found myself teary-eyed (not the rudolph look though.) and it became a favorite. I wouldn't say top ten, but definitely an all-time favorite. So, it became common ground for me out at camp and at school. Music tends to bring people together, so it was a multi-blessing of a movie. *grin*

When I heard they were making a Part 2, I was excited. I will admit, I wasn't sure how it would come together, but I did want to see it. In addition to that, it was showing at the theatre that cost $4.87 per ticket. (The seats were recliners too!) So, I went with a friend and her daughter this afternoon and had a wonderful time.

I will state that it was NOT an academy award winning movie. It had some corny jokes, less than perfect acting, and was worth about $4.87 per ticket. I will admit though, I enjoyed the music and overall I enjoyed the movie. Of course, part 1 was better in my opinion, but isn't that always the way it works? *grin*

Good...on Summer Break and seeing movies on a weekday. *grin*

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