Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Bay Water Park

Yesterday was an incredible day that I really want to remember. Of course, the current sunburn I have won't let me forget it any time soon. *grin*

In case you haven't been there before, The Bay is a small water park located in Grandview, MIssouri. I'm so glad some young friends of mine asked to go there last Summer, or perhaps it was the Summer before. *grin* The park is small, with three big slides, a lazy river, a pool, kiddie area, and a surfing ride. It is also low cost, with a $7 per person cost for the day, and $5 after 5pm. Of course, if you want to ride the "Bayrider", it costs $2 more and you must sign a waiver. *grin*

Well, given that God didn't give me great balance skills, I skip the Bayrider Experience, and I'm fine with that. It is fun to watch though. *grin* The friends I went with yesterday also skipped the experience too.

My favorite part about the park is that you can ride a water slide on a tube (water slides require tubes) and stay on the tube after going down the slide, and ride the lazy river. It is a small park, with everything close to in proximity, so knowing where my friends are located is easy. The lazy river also has several places to get you wet so you don't get too hot. Although yesterday I was slightly chilly at first on the lazy river. *grin* I spent a fair amount of time on the slides, as they were really fast. They aren't too high up, so it's not scary at all. *grin*

There is a higher slide, that is a body slide. I've done it before, but I didn't do it yesterday. It's so high up that it gets my heart racing. Therefore, I stayed closer to the ground. *grin* One of my friends did it, and she seemed to enjoy it. That worked for me, she went high and I stayed down low. *grin*

As I rode the lazy river, I had a lot of fun. I pondered life, sang songs with the radio they had playing, and joked around with those on the river when they passed me or I passed them. We even joked a little with the lifeguards. My favorite lifeguard sang along with the radio. It was a ton of fun!

All for $7!

Ah, I love Summer Break!


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