Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Umbrella Story

I have been meaning to post this story for several weeks, but I forget about it until I drive shuttles for church on Sunday. *grin* I think it's cool how God answers our prayers, and sometimes WE are the answer to someone else's prayers. Not too long ago, I was the answer to someone's prayers. It's okay, the gal tells this story to EVERYONE on the shuttle EVERY week, so I think she would be okay with me sharing it here too. *grin*

In May, there was a rainy Sunday (can't remember which one, and doesn't really matter to understand my point in this story) and one of my regular riders had a very unusual umbrella. Meaning, it was a one-of-a-kind umbrella. The young gal is not from America, she's from another country studying here for a season, so her english is very, very broken. I've always adored this young lady, and what happened that Sunday wasn't a big deal for me. However, since then God has spoken TONS to me in it. *grin*

On that Sunday, she left her umbrella on my shuttle. She ALWAYS has several bags with her, as she often shops not far from church, and rides the shuttle back to the prayer room afterward. So, after my shuttle shift, I walked my shuttle and saw her umbrella. I simply put it in our "lost and found" and it made it back to the young lady within that week. I didn't think much of it after that, because I didn't have her number or address, but I knew it would get to her.

The next Sunday, she ran up to my shuttle, and all I could make out in her broken english was, "Thank you, umbrella." She had the umbrella with her, and it was clear that she was excited that she got her umbrella back. *grin* I just smiled and said, it's not a big deal. I just did my job. Then she explained something to me.

Apparently that umbrella means A LOT to her. I'm sure she tried to tell me why, but honestly I never could quite understand her broken english to understand WHY it meant so much to her. I just understood it meant a lot to her. She also said that she PRAYED that she would get the umbrella back. I was an answer to her prayer! *grin*

So, we had our little reunion, and she told the other people on the shuttle that first Sunday about what had happened. I smiled and said it was the Lord. Here's the thing though, IT WAS IN MAY, and SHE IS STILL ACTING LIKE IT JUST HAPPENED. Today I had her get on the shuttle and she was telling everyone about the umbrella and how I was an answer to her prayers. One initial thought I had was, "Okay, stop. You've told, like, everyone." And then I had another thought.

I was an answer to HER prayers. *grin*

Yeah, it was just an umbrella to me, but for her it was HUGE. I'd be telling everyone too if something that precious to me was returned thanks to a shuttle driver. *grin*

It's no secret that I love to pray. I love talking to God about everything.

At the same time, I never say, "Let me be an answer to someone else's prayers." That changed my perspective.

I love it when He does that.

So who's prayers will you answer next?

AWESOME...praying...and asking to be an answer to someone else's prayers... *grin*

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