Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Deep Thoughts with Ms. Springer *grin*

I have started SEVERAL posts, put them in "draft", and signed out more times than I can count. My head is full of so many things. I'm thinking that I should just do a post of random thoughts, as that seems to be how my mind is working lately. None of it is bad, it is simply random. *grin*

1. Tornado Warnings now get my attention. Due to the tornado in Joplin in May 2011 (that happened on my Birthday, I might add), I now take tornado warnings and watches seriously. I watched people in Joplin lose homes, wallets, shoes, the list could go on and on. Fortunately, no one I knew lost their life. At the same time, I now have a closet ready for me with my personal supplies, shoes, and room for Jay. I don't take it lightly like I did prior to 2011. Ever. Last night we had more weather drama. I was on my porch praying because we weren't under a warning. I watched a wall cloud attempt to become a funnel, and it didn't. I thanked God. Prayer works, so He reminded me of that last night too. *grin*

2. I take so much of my life for granted. Daily I pray for a family who lost their child at age 17. She was at a pool party and had no idea that morning that that evening she'd be with the Lord. Death always affects me in one way or another. Lately, I have literally woken up and thanked Him for today. I am not feeling sick or think I'm dying, but I am living life differently. I am loving more, listening more, praying more, and offering more. He didn't give me today for me, He gave me today to bless others. I intend to do just that. *grin*

3. Camp Barnabas. Gosh, I wish I could take you, my reader, to my favorite place this side of Heaven. Even if Camper Arrival is all you see, you would know that cheers are loud (or soft, depending upon camper needs) for people with different bodies or minds. Our world is so rough and hard at times, but there is a pocket in Missouri, where love is not taught but rather caught and lives are changed for a lifetime.

4. The Skin You're In. I spent most of my thought life on this topic recently. I love to people watch. I also listen. Tons. I realized that I have blogged several times on this topic. I remembered something recently from my childhood that was deep for me. I can remember being a kid and I was about to go into surgery for my leg. I was scared, so scared that I wanted my Mom to trade bodies with me just long enough to get through the surgery and recovery. I don't remember saying this to her, I just remember thinking it. After the surgery, I wanted to be able to back in my own body. I was afraid of the pain, which is a typical fear for anyone who has any type of surgery. Later, I remember thinking that I was glad I couldn't change bodies because I liked me. Well, as much as I could at that point. I've come to believe that a lot of loving the skin you're in, comes with time and maturity.

I've been watching people all over in my little corner of the world. Some people are loving life. Other people are trying to figure out what God has for them. Other people are mad at the world, and God. The most heartbreaking scenario I witness though is when someone doesn't like themselves to the point they want to change something about them. See, I think God gave us the body that we are best suited to handle. He knew, before we were even born, what we could walk through this side of Heaven. That doesn't mean I think everything is easy, because I haven't had it all easy. However, each lesson I've walked through has brought forth fruit in a later season. I can't imagine being anyone else, even with the limp and challenges associated with that. Having CP is often what people see, and they don't look deeper. That's fine. What they don't know is that CP is part of me, not all of me. I like me. I wouldn't want to be anyone else. Period. And my heart breaks for those who want to be someone other than who He created them to be.

I have started praying for the kids, young and old, who don't like who they are because life is too short this side of Heaven not to like what He's given us. One of my favorite parts of camp is that the campers may have disabilities, but everyone gets to know them beyond their disability. They get to know them as the person God made them to be.

Okay, so four random thoughts. I've got many, many more, however, I have a book I want to read. Perhaps tomorrow I'll write more. Or maybe not. The book I'm into now is REALLY good. *grin*

I don't say this, ever, but, THANK YOU for reading my blog. I am blessed that you took time to read my random thoughts, so to speak. *giggle*

Awesome. *grin*

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