Saturday, September 05, 2015

Randomness Part 2 *grin*

Wow, how did it get to be September already? I was just posting about welcome week for teachers. Here I am with 2.5 weeks of school already gone, and a three-day weekend. It still amazes me how the first couple weeks wear me out. Totally. Most of the people I'm on staff with at school were worn out yesterday (Friday) and thankful for the three-day break. I know I'm pumped. It's one extra day, but gosh it's GREAT.

I have pondered what to write tonight, as I have missed this, seriously. So, I am going to do some random thoughts again. I like that, as I can be random, say a lot & nothing all at the same time. *grin*

So, let's see where this goes....

1. I love my job more and more each year. I love that each year I get new students, as well as returning ones. My new ones this year have me smiling each day. I'm also now in Kindergarten for 30 minutes each day. Wow, what a world of laughter. I love it! Yesterday, a teacher told me that one student wanted to be a firefighter, I said that was cool. Without missing a beat a different kid said, "I want to work for the government when I grow up." We both laughed. That's not something we hear everyday. *giggle*

2. Quote book. I keep a quote book nearby in my classroom to remember the fun moments in class. On Thursday I was working with a student on common denominators for the first time. In the midst of explaining, I said, "Common.." and he said, "Denominator." I paused and said, "Do you know what that means?" He said "No, I used to think it had to do with politics." I laughed so hard and the kid honestly didn't know WHY it was funny. He just liked the fact he made me laugh so hard. He also LOVED the fact he was in the quote book for the first time this year. *grin* I love my job.

3. I do miss Summer more than I expected, but not for the reason you think. Yeah, I do miss sleeping in, Kelly and MIchael, etc., but that's not it. I think of Matt all the time, and wish we could rewind time and I could see him one more time. No, I'm not depressed or anything. I think of him all the time though, especially when I drive in my car. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw him, but it was probably at the last Eagle Scout ceremony for them. Each of my second cousins made Eagle Scout. *grin* Matt, I miss you, and wish you were still here. Part of me thinks it's wrong for life to go on, season after season, without you. On the other hand, you're with Jesus, so party on! *grin*

4. 2015: I can't believe the world we're in now. Almost everyday I come home and watch the news and someone has shot and killed innocent people. I'm living during a time in our history when the phrase "Black Lives Matter" is a thing. While true, I tend to believe ALL lives matter. I pray daily for this nation. Seriously. ALL lives matter, black, white, green, yellow, and blue. Okay, that was a little assertive, but you get my point. ALL.

5. Parenting: I'm coming to some deep revelations on parenting, and I'm not even a parent. (Mentor, yes, parent, no.) I've done my job for 16 years and 2.5 weeks, and I've come to one conclusion. Parents blame themselves for some things that truly aren't their fault. Kids are kids. They make mistakes. Parenting is a hard enough job, they can't blame themselves for every mistake their child makes. Life's too short to do that. *grin* Seriously.

6. Hard Work is good for the soul. I've been pondering this idea, as I have a few kids who really, truly struggle to try something new in the classroom. Whether it's a new academic task, or a new experience walking to a new classroom, my students often immediately say, "That's hard" before they even try. That has changed how I pray for my students in the mornings here at home before I start my day. For a few, those prayers are working. And for a few others, it's going to take time before they get it. Ultimately, I want them to experience the victory in taking something hard and learning it. They can do it, the key is for them to believe they can do it. *grin*

7. America's Got Talent: Years ago, I started to watch this show, and my roommates at the time weren't into it, so it was pushed aside. This season I'm into it, AND LOVE IT. I have three favorites, Drew Lynch, the comedian that stutters, Oz the Mentalist, and the Regurgitator. I am not sure who will win the million, but I do know how much I'm enjoying the show. I think I've found a new favorite to watch. *grin*

8. Laughter. I have a friend that shared with me this past week how God has used me to bring laughter back into her life. While I'm not one to cry as some people might do in that moment, I did smile deep down inside. I absolutely love it when He uses me to awaken something in someone that has been dead for a long time. To me, that's huge in living life this side of Heaven.

9. Relationships. This week I had a former student's parent text me with her child's grades. They are really good, and she said that her son wanted me to see them. I absolutely love how today's technology allows me to be a part of my former student's lives (texting via a parent) and it doesn't just end when they walk out of my school the last day of sixth grade. I smiled. God did that. I love that.

10. My favorite phrase. "He couldn't wait to start reading." I recently had a friend donate some books to my classroom. I had kept them here at home, as they are a little bit above my student's reading levels. At the same time, I know (fully) that if a kid wants to read a book, they will find a way. *grin* So earlier this week a new-to-me student shared that he wanted to read the 39 clues series. I had the entire series in the box, I think. When he saw the box of books yesterday, he went nuts. I smiled, but didn't think a lot of it. About 4:15, that boy's Mom texted me with a pic of him reading and the quote, "He couldn't wait to start reading." I grinned ear-to-ear. I love my job. *grin*

Now I'm going to log-out and read my new book. I finished a book this morning and got a new one with a gift card that a student's family gave me.


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