Sunday, December 27, 2015

Random Thoughts From A Short Gal *grin*

I have been reading a book the past few days, and it was WONDERFUL. I haven't done schoolwork for a week now, and I feel so rested up. I realize that work will happen this coming weekend, but for now, I am enjoying the break. *grin*

I have pondered what to write, as I have several posts (as usual) running around in my head. So, I thought I would write a little and see what comes out of it. With OneThing this week, I will be in and out, so I may or may not add to it this week. I'm excited to see how this week unfolds. *grin*

The word is that we're scheduled to get snow tonight into tomorrow. (Sunday into Monday) I'm praying that the initial predictions are correct and we'll only get 2 inches. I can still get downtown in that weather. I will be bummed if I'm homebound during the time I would be downtown. I'm praying that the snow isn't too much. I do want some snow, just not so much I'm indoors for days. *grin* I will say, I did get bread and milk just in case. *grin*

Meanwhile, my friends down in the Joplin/Springfield/Carthage area are getting flooded. My prayers are also with them. I pray everyone stays safe and is smart when traveling. The Governor of Missouri even issued a state of Emergency. Therefore, I have spent quite a bit of time tonight praying for them. I have checked with the friends I had concerns about, and everyone is fine so far. Thank You, God.

I recently changed churches. Gosh, what a tough decision that was initially. I loved my old church and the people, but relationships were not a strength there. I had friends, but no one I hung out with on a consistent basis. I'm excited to see who He brings for me to meet in this season. In some ways, attack has been evident for me spiritually, but I have remained in Him as I walk through this transition. Once everyone knows me, I'll be great. It's always the initial transition that is character-building. *grin*

The new church is amazing though. The past couple weeks have felt different with the holiday schedule and the move into a new, HUGE auditorium. The auditorium is a small Sprint Center. *grin* Well, that's what it reminds me of anyway. The people are the nicest people I have ever met in a church. I haven't been a member of a lot of churches, honestly, but this has been the nicest group of people that I've ever met at a church. I feel at home.

I recently attended the Pastor's group, where we met the pastors and their families. I REALLY enjoyed it. I also learned that evening that they have a ministry for people with Special Needs. I have already been in contact with the leader of that ministry, and I will serve a couple services per month in the program. *grin* Well, after all my paperwork is filled out. *grin* (A background check, etc., needs to be done.) They also have a respite night for the families once a month, and I will serve during that too. It sounds a lot like a miniature version of camp. *grin* I'm also a door greeter, and feel blessed to be already serving in that capacity. I served last Sunday and LOVED IT. (see last week's post) I'm blessed to be there for this season. *grin*

I've already met some new people and am making friends. I'm blessed, truly. *grin*

Let's see....Well, of course, OneThing is tomorrow, and I'm excited for that. Four days without distraction will be good. However, as I said earlier, we will see how the weather holds.

Jay and I have enjoyed the break. He turned 8 on Christmas Day, and I bought him some Beggin' Strips. That's a treat, as I never buy them. He's loved them, and he also had Christmas gifts from the family. Yes, we spoil the dogs in the family. *grin* Even friends and I swapped dog treats. What can I say? Dogs are people too! *giggle*

Having a few days left in 2015 has made me pause and reflect. I could do an entire blog post on this topic, but considering I'm not sure where this is going, I'll just go there now. We lost so many good people this year. I have lost friends and family before, but most of them had been expected losses. I lost a Joplin friend who went to bed one night and didn't wake up due to a heart issue her family didn't know about. I lost a family member in a car wreck, and this one has been the hardest for me, because he was a young man with his whole life ahead of him. I have also been walking alongside new friends at church who lost their daughter this past May unexpectedly too. I'm convinced that losing loved ones is the hardest part of life this side of Heaven. I realize that loss is part of the experience, and He is guiding me through this process of grief on a new level. I would imagine it is so that I can relate to others losing loved ones, but I also know He does things in a way that is bigger than what I initially believe. So, I follow HIs leading, even as I think about Matt daily. He (and the others I referred to here) won't be forgotten. Ever.

Well, I think that's about it for now. It's apparently sleeting outside. First Winter Storm of the season. I'm praying I can make it for Amanda Cook Tuesday Night. For that matter, I pray Amanda Cook can get here. *grin* At the same time, I'm not naive, there is NOWHERE I have to be. Seriously.

Thanks for reading.

As Always,


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