Saturday, April 23, 2016


I now have my first sunburn for the 2016 Spring Season. Let me state, it was TOTALLY worth it. *grin*

After sleeping in this morning (which was a first in some time), cuddling with Jay, and cleaning up, I headed out to watch two students in their ballgames. I'll be honest, I was looking forward to the afternoon lineup. I was going to watch a student play lacrosse and then watch another student in his soccer game. I enjoy watching my students play sports, I always have and always will. *grin*

I have never understood lacrosse, but then again I haven't sat down to watch a game before either. I now have a whole new respect for lacrosse players. I think it's a dangerous sport, and you must be brave to play the sport. *grin* The student I went to watch did an amazing job, and I honestly learned a lot about the sport. I do like the sport, I just won't run out to play it. *giggle* I'm a wimp. I also enjoyed talking with the student's parents. I'm so blessed to have such good parents on my caseload. They are champs for sure!

The second game was a soccer game, and I loved it too. I will admit, I did enjoy the safety of soccer versus lacrosse. *grin* The young man I went to watch did a great job, and I hope that his family keeps me in the loop on his future games next season even though he won't be at my school next year. *grin* I also enjoyed talking to his family while he played. Gosh, I'm in denial of that family leaving my world. Seriously. They are one special group of people. *grin*

I just walked past a mirror when swapping out laundry, and I noticed how red I am now in the face, legs, and arms. Oops! Note to self: wear sunscreen irregardless of temperature outside! *giggle*

I loved seeing both games today, and am fortunate I still have Solarcaine to help with the pain that I'll have for a little while.

Worth it.



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