Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Remembering A Moment In Time

Tonight, as I was sitting at a meeting for church, I was pondering my day.

My day didn't start out as well as I had hoped. Honestly, it was a rough and rocky start, but the best part about my job is that I spend most of my day with kids. So, within that, lots of laughter and love is poured into me even as I pour into the little ones.

I'll openly tell you that I took a few minutes before students arrived (because the rough part happened before school) and sat with Him and prayed. I did so where it was private, so no one was uncomfortable or even knew what I was doing, but I did take a moment and felt better. *grin*

Sometimes it's easy to get frustrated in my room with various character-building situations, but tonight He reminded me of something someone precious on staff said to me in my previous teaching gig.

"You're good with those kinds of kids."

What that specific person was referring to was a challenging student I had at the time, and she didn't skip a beat when she encouraged me. I remember pausing and realizing she was right in that moment. While that kid was with me for just a period of time, He used that kid to teach me what He made me to do.

I am good with those kinds of kids. I will have plenty more of them before I retire. I'm going to add that phrase to my wall where only I can see it, to encourage me. I can do this gig, I mean we have 24.75 school days left, right? *giggle*


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