Sunday, May 01, 2016

Every Once in a While....

...there's a God experience for the calendar.

This morning was one of those mornings. *grin*

Words cannot describe how much I'm enjoying my new church.

For as long as I delayed the change, it's now clear it was all in His timing. *grin*

I started out in Sunday School, (My class for adults, not teaching with kids. Yes, we have class for adults, how cool is that?) where we had a lesson on Proverbs 6. Matt did a REALLY cool lesson using the ant in the proverb. I seriously smiled on the way to church after Sunday School because I liked it so much.

We've been in a series called "BARS", and it's been REALLY good.

I'll admit, the longer I'm at the church, the more I thank God for the wisdom He's put in Pastor Phil. He clearly spends time with the Lord prior to Sunday and what we are taught is straight from Him.

I smiled.

Over and over again I smiled because the language he was using, I have been using to support someone.

That's God. Only He knows that stuff! *grin*

One of the many phrases was: "Sometimes you need to change your playground." I just grinned. Totally. I've been using that verbage with a friend. *grin*

Then the worship team came back up after the sermon. We sang my current FAVORITE song "No Longer Slaves". It was the end of the series and people came up and shared what He did in them during this series. I loved every single moment of it.

Of course, we ended with my favorite part of the song, "You split the sea..."

I just grinned.

I love my church. Today is a day I won't forget.



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