Saturday, May 07, 2016


I sit here tonight with a gazillion thoughts in my head. I am REALLY looking forward to Summer and more free time to write and READ. I know, you're shocked to hear I'm looking forward to reading. Seriously, I'm looking forward to so much this Summer. I could write on and on about that. However, tomorrow is Mom's Day and I have that at the forefront of my mind so I want to write about that tonight. *grin*

I am blessed, enormously blessed, to be the daughter of the two amazing folks that God gave me for parents. No, they're not perfect, but gosh they have that unconditional love thing perfected. *grin* Since I live in the world of education, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think, "Thank you, Mama and Papa Springer." I know, without a doubt, that it's because of their guidance that I am where I am today. Completely. *grin*

I am also blessed to have had several spiritual parents along the way. While I'm from a family of believers, God has blessed me with ladies who have encouraged me in my spiritual growth over the years. One gal, Karen, has been a gal to encourage me, and call me to the carpet when needed. She has her own biological kids, but she loves us (her Spiritual Daughters, (because God has given her several) so well! I am blessed.

Of course, I have been given Spiritual Daughters too. I could go into the scriptural side of that, but basically that's the way it should be. I should have people pouring into me as I pour into others. I received word yesterday that I will be able to serve Term 1. This blesses my heart, as I get to see my girls from TERM 1! I'm so very excited to see my girls that I have poured into over the years. *grin* Term 1 and 7 I will get to pour into them and see God move in them and through them. I love that!

Finally, I want to encourage all parents. I know some parents who worry so much that they don't enjoy their kids. I realize worrying is part of the gig, but you need to know that you're good parents. God has given you what you need. Stop. Breathe. Listen.


I love you, Mom.

I love you, Karen.

I am blessed beyond words.

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