Saturday, October 22, 2016

2nd Emma Arsonson 5K

I wanted to take a moment and share about my incredible morning. I'll admit, I did the debate a few months back, as this weekend is Barn-A-Break at camp. I can't remember the last one I missed, seriously. As I thought about it and prayed about it, I knew I was supposed to be at the 5K this morning, and I AM SO GLAD I was there! *grin*

For those outside the Lee's Summit area, Emma Aronson was a teen that passed away 16 months ago due to a heart issue that no one knew about. She went to a swimming party and died suddenly after being in the pool. Her family learned later that she had a heart issue that went undetected. Since she has passed, her family has worked hard to raise money for young adults to be screened for that heart issue. Therefore, this was the second Emma Aronson 5K. *grin*

I arrived at the 5K, and found out I was going to work the medal table. It made me happy to know my job would be at the end of the events. It gave me time to talk with people, and I saw friends from different seasons here in L.S. It was fun! I even saw a favorite former student, and that was a definite highlight of my day for me. There was also another family from school, that now attends my church, and they arrived and I was welcomed with hugs. It was precious. *grin*

I never knew Emma, but I wish I had. I've gotten to know the Aronson family over the past year, and they amaze me in ways they will never know. I cannot imagine losing a child. That's beyond my comprehension. The Aronson family has taken a sad situation, and turned it into something that will help many others live long lives. *grin*

That's awesome in my opinion. *grin*

I also got to talk with someone that the Lord has placed in my life recently, and I was enormously blessed by my short time with her. I was pondering on my drive home that He blessed me with this new friend in the midst of missing camp. I grinned ear to ear. He never wastes time, does He? *grin*

I had planned a trip to camp, but wound up staying here. I'm glad. I took a 3 hour nap, and felt MUCH better.

Emma, you have an amazing family. I can't wait to meet you one day in Heaven, because your family here is amazing and I just know that you were as amazing as your family is this side of Heaven.


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