Thursday, January 05, 2017

His Lesson Through a Dog Box...

Today I was blessed with a Snow Day. I didn't go to bed thinking I would have one, truly, I have had my heart broken several times wanting one and nothing happened. I love the job completely. Totally. But the idea of an unscheduled day off is a bonus of the gig. *grin*

That being said, I've been deep in thought today. Yesterday something happened that God has been using to speak to me in and I think you might learn from it too. *grin*

Yesterday morning I was up and moving on time. In fact, slightly ahead of time. This is something that He has talked with me extensively on, but I'll save that for another post. I just share that little tidbit so that it can set the scene.

So, I was ready to go. I leave Jay out until the last possible moment and then put him in the box to leave for school. I do this just so that he's out of the box as long as possible, as I feel bad for him. Truthfully, he has not (until yesterday) really shown behaviors that told me he didn't want to go in the box. Like I said, not until yesterday. *grin*

I put the small treats in his box, and said, "Okay, go in the box." He just sat in front of the box. I was a little surprised, but he did this one of the days Karen was here, and I did the same thing I did when Karen was here. I just said, "go on buddy."


He wasn't going to budge.

I looked at the clock. I was like, "Okay, um, I am going to be late."

I went to pick him up and just put him in the box. He was shaking.

Next, he bit me. Not like a play-bite, he bit me.

I was like, "Okay, I'm sorry!"

I called work and let them know I was running late and would be there ASAP. Fortunately, it was a late start day, so kids wouldn't be there as early as usual.

I prayed, of course, but nothing was coming to me. So, I went and got a couple more SMALL treats and put them in the box. He didn't make a move.

I started thinking about what I could do, what bedroom I could put him in and would have the least amount of damage, just because he tends to get into things when he's left loose. Then He gave me an idea.

I picked him up and held him. I was talking to him like he could understand me in a very calm voice. Next, I put him in the box.

He didn't like it, I could tell, but he did it. I promised him I'd be home ASAP, and I was home earlier than usual. *grin*

On my drive to work I had two thoughts.

1. God is like that. When we are nervous about something we have to do, He will hold us and talk with us before we go into that situation. The closer I get to Him, the more I truly believe that. Different chapters bring different challenges, but He's with us through it all, even if we bite, kick, and scream that we don't want to do it. Truly.

2. How people leave kids is beyond me. Leaving Jay in the box was in the back of my mind all day. I even considered buying one of those contraptions where you can Skype with your dog during the day. I didn't, I made it through prayer. At the same time, I knew he was safe, he was just used to the routine of break. *grin*

I love how He can teach us so much through the easiest situations. I was putting Jay in his box. Something I do everyday.

What is He speaking to you through? Stop and listen, He has tons to show you.


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