Monday, January 02, 2017

Last Evening of Break...

So, here I am, with one hour left before bedtime and break officially ends. Where did the time go? Seriously? *grin*

This break has been life-changing and life-giving. It has also flown by very, very quickly.

I have been deep in thought today. I almost wonder where I am in life, and then I know I am right where I should be.

However, I will share my latest thought with you. I can remember being a kid and thinking everyone led the same life. You're born, you're a kid, next, you're an adult, then, you get married, have kids, then grandkids, then you die.

Wait, am I the only one who thought that? *giggle*

Well, from a kid's perspective, it makes sense, doesn't it? I remember being in my twenties and not understanding why life looked so different from my other friends who were getting married and starting families. I guess if I'm completely transparent, I have moments of wondering that now. The main difference now is, I know I'm living life as He intended for me to live it out. Within that, I don't feel sad, I just feel different at times. *grin*

I spent the weekend with my amazing friend, Karen. I've been deep in thought today about Karen. Partly in prayer, and partly in thought. I remember when I first met Karen how I told the Lord I wanted a relationship with Him like she has, and He spoke to me then that each relationship with Him is unique. I remember that, and He and I have talked a lot about that today.

None of our lives look the same. We're all on different journeys, and He has different paths for us to take. I'm so very thankful that He had the Lauras, Alicias, and Karens enter my world. I've been enormously blessed to have influences in my life that point me closer and closer to Him. I love that!

I also love how both Laura and Karen are human. I got to see sides of them, glimpses, of how they're not super Christians, they're simply humans living out life this side of Heaven to the best of their ability. Karen and Laura have deep wells in Him because of their experiences. At the same time, they've had seasons where they've had their faith challenged and wrestling with Him has been needed to get where they are today. I'm so very thankful for that.

The four days at Onething were AMAZING. I took gobs of notes. Gobs. I also bought two more journals there, to continue in my walk with the Lord. However, that isn't meant to be a place to stay. We're called to be poured into and then go out and show love to those around us to the best of our ability.

I've taken that thought, loving others to the best of our ability, and spent time praying for the little people I will have on Wednesday. Honestly, my students aren't ALWAYS easy to love, but then again neither am I if I'm totally honest. However, it is an honor that He's entrusted me with the people he has given me, and I plan to walk out 2017 to the best of my ability with His leading.

So, here we go. Tomorrow I'm back in the classroom preparing progress reports and lessons for the kids on Wednesday.

I remember a song that we sang at the Heidi BakeR conference I was at last year where the chorus was, "Love isn't love, unless you give it away."

Karen & Laura love people EXTREMELY well and He shines through them.

That's going to be my prayer this week. Love isn't love, unless I give it away.

No matter what it looks like.


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