Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ice Storm, January 2017

So, I have been pondering what to write, and have decided to write about the impending ice storm. Okay, well, not the ice, but my thoughts on what all has been happening the past couple days. The most interesting part, at my age I had a first. :-) Not life changing, just a storm that we won't forget in years to come. However, I hope for good reasons, not bad ones. *grin*

I have lived through a few ice storms over the years, so this isn't new, but this is my first real one here in L.S. *grin*

This past Thursday night, school districts started canceling classes. I wanted a snow day. I prayed. I love the job, but gosh when you see other districts not having class and the storm hasn't even hit yet, it made me want the day off. *grin*

However, I went to bed Thursday without my prayer answered the way I was wanting it answered. However, what happened was even better. *grin*

Our school day started like usual. Around ten a.m., we found out we were having an early dismissal due to the storm moving in. Several of us stated what a great way for things to fall. We had a couple extra hours given to us on an already extended weekend (Thanks MLK, Jr.), and we didn't have to make up Friday. *grin* Awesomeness! I should also mention that this was the first time we've done early dismissal due to weather. Kinda cool.

Having early dismissal was a gift. Kids were off, and honestly the week was one of my more character-building ones. Fortunately my building has a pretty good grasp on early release, and we just kicked into that routine. *grin*

I came home, and have been enjoying a restful weekend. I did schoolwork early, and am now simply reading & watching my DVR.

Ahhh, so the bulk of the storm is about to hit. I've been praying that my electricity doesn't get lost during the storm. The good news is that it will be here and move out quickly. See, I'm already looking at the positive. *grin*

I've been pondering Winter here in L.S. I am so glad I live in a place where I truly do get to experience all four seasons during the year. I remember being a kid and living in Texas. We didn't get to experience the seasons like we do here. Sure, there are bumps, like I won't go to church tomorrow due to ice. But, it's nice to get to experience all the seasons in their fullness. I can't even really explain why, but that matters to me. It's like we get one life this side of Heaven, and I want to experience all there is in this life. Something as simple as seasons should be enjoyed. Completely. *grin*

I'll most likely post tomorrow night with updates, but they're more for me than you. I did a couple ice storms on Beech Road, but I only remember pieces. One reason I blog is so that I can remember some of the details of my life. *grin*

For now, a book is calling me. I like it when He gives me PJ days. *grin*


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