Friday, March 24, 2017

True Godly Friendships

Today I got up and took a road trip to see one of my all-time FAVORITE people, Karen. *grin*

We met at Pizza House, and words cannot express what our time there meant to me. As she described her recent trip to Haiti, I LOVED hearing every bit of it! Karen is made for the Nations, and it is always so much fun to hear about what God does with her and through her on those trips. *grin*

We could sit for hours and talk, and be perfectly content. Today though, we did something new. *grin* We went and saw a movie at a theatre in Springfield that was actually playing a SuperTramp song! *giggle* It was a theatre that took us back in time, and we had SO much fun! It was awesome to experience it with Karen, and hope we do other movies at that theatre in visits to come. *grin*

I dropped Karen back at home before getting more pizza to bring back. *grin* We prayed for each other before I left. That is ALWAYS a favorite thing to do with her. We typically pray for each other before we depart, and the older I get the more I value that. Truly.

After the movie I drove home, and I pondered quite a bit on the drive. I was in the car more than I was with Karen, and it was TOTALLY worth it. True Godly friendships mean the world to me, and I definitely have that in Karen. We don't have to lay ground before we say something, we jut say it. We're both alike in just enough ways that time truly flies when I'm with Karen.

She's a blessing from the Lord, and I was driving home I said a prayer for me to get more of those types of friendships here.

I. Am. Blessed. *grin*


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